Optimizing the AV Ecosystem for Classrooms, Meeting Rooms and Beyond

What common challenges are organizations facing and how are they leveraging technology to promote inclusion?

As students and teachers continue to return to the classroom and businesses face hybrid-focused decisions to adapt to a changed workforce, both are looking to make collaboration spaces more engaging and interactive with an emphasis on end user safety and convenience. What strategies can schools and businesses use to leverage audio visual technologies and AV ecosystems to make these spaces as engaging, interactive, useful, and safe as possible?

On the most recent episode of Imagination Engineered, a Diversified podcast, host Daniel Litwin spoke with Todd Allinger, senior design consultant at Diversified and Anthony Cianfarano, Sony product manager at Professional Bravia Displays to discuss how organizations are looking to new AV ecosystems to integrate with intentionality for a more cohesive and consistent user experience.

“It’s not only about having the flexibility of working in the office as well as from home but making sure that those working remotely feel like they are actually in the work environment,” said Allinger. “We’re leveraging technology to bring that real-time inclusiveness to the table with our clients and understand what they need, their reach and what solutions will work best.”

With the latest best practice guidelines emphasizing on improved overall AV ecosystems as opposed to just compiling random pieces of the puzzle, technology solutions and design are becoming more network based than ever before. More and more solutions are residing entirely on a client’s network with all devices communicating across a common ecosystem enabling improved leveraging of UC requirements and operations for a more seamless collaboration experience.

Watch the full discussion below.

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