Diversified’s Derek Paquin Talks UCC in the New Workplace

How the company is helping its clients around the world navigate user expectations for UCC in the new workplace environment.

workplace uccAs shared in a recent announcement, Diversified has reinvigorated its approach to workplace unified communications & collaboration (UCC) solutions to provide a stronger partnership to its global enterprise clientele. Derek Paquin, vice president of Diversified’s Advanced Visual Environments specialty, was recently interviewed by ProAVL Central to discuss the move to hybrid and remote working as clients return to the office and demand for huddle and collaboration rooms rises.

“UCC offerings have always been a key focus for Diversified as businesses need to be more connected across the globe, but I would say it has changed rather than progressed due to the pandemic,” says Derek. “The change that has occurred is one of taking a holistic, all-encompassing ecosystem approach rather than looking at individual components within an organization.”

Given the strong market momentum for Microsoft Teams Rooms—especially since the pandemic—Diversified is not only focused on helping enterprise clients maximize the value of their meeting spaces but is also dedicated to an efficient delivery and providing day two support for business continuity.

“I estimate that pre-pandemic remote work accounted for approximately 5% of the workforce,” he continues. “Overnight, the arrival of the pandemic, giving no choice but to adopt a new way of working, accounted for approximately 40% of remote work. By experiencing this change I think organizations now understand the benefits and know the demand from the workforce will require it.”

He also talks about the hybrid workplace and what that will look like moving forward, taking what we have learned from the pandemic and integrating it into the highly collaborative in-person office experience we were all accustomed to before.

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