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Leveraging display technologies to captivate an even more visually engaged audience

While businesses continue to grapple with new challenges brought on by COVID-19, there’s a clear focus on the present and how to best progress one day at a time in the face of an uncertain tomorrow. However, the organizations that are successfully propelling forward through this uncertainty are those with an outlook beyond the immediate here and now with a longer-term vision for the future. These companies acknowledge that there is no going back, and the relationship between consumers and technology has forever shifted.

Beyond working from home, users have relied more heavily than ever on digital communications and technology for their social interactions, entertainment, retail, health and more. While these new habits might have grown from necessity during the pandemic, it’s predicted that they will continue even after things return to the “new normal”1.

Display technology has become more crucial than ever over the recent weeks, providing a window to the outside world when it remains unsafe to physically venture out. An increase in average screen time while at home and attitudes towards that increase have also shifted with the Washington Post stating that “‘screen time’ has gone from sin to survival tool”2 and the New York Times challenging the long-held notion that too much screen time for children is inherently bad3. Used for productivity, education and communication (as opposed to long hours of passive consumption), display technology is thoroughly integrated into many aspects of our daily lives.

So how can your organization cater to these visually captivated consumers? By welcoming them back with the best in today’s digital canvases! As a leading manufacturer of display technology, LG continues to offer trusted quality solutions with brand new innovations to be released in June 2020.

Office and Meeting Environments

The fully optimized, plug-and-play solution of LG’s All-in-One (AIO) Direct View LED (dvLED) screen is an ideal display for creating hassle-free, smart meeting rooms. Supported by HDR10, the display presents accurate and vivid colors while fully captivating audiences with 36 embedded surface sound units.

All content—including presentations, video and audio—is presented with optimum clarity for enhanced meeting engagement and productivity. Best of all, the simplified set up lets you start collaborating with just three steps, taking less than one hour to complete*, keeping installation times with technicians to a minimum.* The LG AIO dvLED’s cableless design with 5G wireless connectivity means no additional data or power ports, making it is an easy way to upgrade your existing meeting room, without major structural changes.

For Retailers

LG’s Flexible Transparent Direct View LED offers a simple way to integrate cutting-edge digital signage for captivating use on windows or any glass surface. Similar to applying traditional window tinting, it blends seamlessly into any space with an invisible metal mesh line and small-size LED. Scalable to different window sizes, this low maintenance product has a 14mm pitch, enough for near-field content representation, and offers increased precision compared to the 24mm pitch.

So whether you’re preparing to welcome back shoppers or repopulating your office as associates return to work, now is the time to plan for this transformation. With LG’s solutions that are simple to upgrade and install, you can ensure your technology of tomorrow continues to support a faster-paced, tech-driven society.

The latest LG dvLED technology is available from June 1 2020.

*One hour set-up time is based on three people involved in installation.


1How will coronavirus change the way we live? – BBC News April 2020

2‘Screen time’ has gone from sin to survival tool – Washington Post April 2020

3Don’t Freak Out About Quarantine Screen Time – The New York Times April 2020

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