caresyntax and Diversified Accelerate Launch of Virtual Representative Solution, Catalyzing Remote Presence and Learning in Surgery

Suite of solutions focused first on supporting health systems and medical device manufacturers in upholding clinical safety and efficiency in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–caresyntax, a pioneer in surgical automation, analytics, and AI software and technologies, today announced it is expanding its partnership with Diversified to accelerate the launch of multiple surgical telepresence and proctoring solutions. The first is a Virtual Representative solution, enabling vendor representatives to participate fully, yet remotely, in surgical procedures. The solution leverages caresyntax’s existing digital surgery software platform with Diversified’s world-class capabilities to deliver and support enterprise-scale projects involving complex medical device integration at the highest standards of IT and cybersecurity compliance.

“The new normal in acute interventions will require higher resilience of such key clinical processes as those enabled by the Virtual Representative solution.”

“While surgical telepresence was gaining momentum before, the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote participation in procedures essential,” commented Dennis Kogan, founder and CEO of caresyntax. “Surgery providers are hard-pressed to safely restart procedures while complying with new safe separation norms that make facility access difficult even for patients’ families, let alone representatives of medical device companies. These representatives play a crucial role in enhancing surgical quality and outcomes, particularly with new techniques and complex procedures. We are excited to expand our existing partnership with Diversified to accelerate innovation and re-connect all stakeholders securely using telepresence, cloud technology and cutting-edge analytics.”

“Never has there been a more critical time for the expanded availability of world-class virtual surgical telepresence,” adds Fred D’Alessandro, founder and CEO of Diversified. “Surgical teams are looking for ways to provide care without further exposing themselves, their patients and their facilities to unnecessary harm. The Virtual Representative solution is a natural progression of this new virtual world we are transitioning to – utilizing next-gen technologies to keep our healthcare professional and patients safe and protected.”

The Time is Now for Enhanced and Expanded Surgical Telehealth

Over the past decade, hospitals and physicians globally have been looking for a better way to deliver telepresence, remote proctoring and tele-mentoring in and out of surgery. Multiple technologies have been developed and are aligning at the right time to truly enable representatives to “remote-in” to surgery with a level of visibility, interaction, security and performance that makes the solution compelling in ways it was lacking before.

The solution allows for bi-directional audio, telestration and multi-camera and video/imaging streams within a cockpit-like environment, communicating with medical device representatives and redefining the way both parties exchange mission-critical information to deliver the safest care possible.

Postoperatively, medical device representatives, including clinical training specialists, as well as dedicated medical proctors, can provide caregivers with technology enablement to drive crucial outcome improvement programs via case efficiency reviews and exemplar-based surgical coaching.

A Breakthrough Vendor-Neutral Alliance

Together with Diversified’s world-class expertise of integrating and maintaining 24×7 remote managed services in mission-critical settings through Network Operations Centers, caresyntax’s surgery-tailored telehealth, automation and analytics platform creates an efficient and secure way of re-establishing communication between caregivers and their vendor-partners.

“The new normal in acute interventions will require higher resilience of such key clinical processes as those enabled by the Virtual Representative solution,” said Dennis Kogan. “Partnering with Diversified will enable us to quickly scale the delivery and support of this solution in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers around the world, bringing us closer to the goal of again securing our healthcare and further reducing the global risk profile of surgery as a therapy.”


Caresyntax is currently working with multiple health systems and medical device vendors in the United States to rapidly deploy the Virtual Representative solution. Virtual Representative will be widely available in the U.S., as well as globally by October 2020.

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