Diversified Recognized for UC Services

Named Top Unified Communications Solution Provider

In the unified communications arena, CIOs currently have to deal with islands of technology, poor adoption, and the continuation of dire investments without a clear strategy to support their UC investments. Tom Spearman, Diversified Senior Vice President, Advanced Visual Environments, believes this could be related to their investments in two or more conflicting major UC manufacturers, resulting in integration challenges and impeding an effective UC strategy roadmap for the future.

By enabling meaningful, productive, and multi-modal collaboration, Diversified’s UC practice provides an end-to-end collaboration experience to meet the business needs of any organization. As a top unified communications solution provider, Diversified designs, deploys and supports enterprise-wide IP networks focusing on world class solutions based on technology from Cisco and Microsoft. “Our approach is to listen to the client and understand their goals, current investment, anticipated workflow, current challenges, and the holistic UC infrastructure,” states Spearman.

Diversified’s top unified communications solution provider approach starts with a mission statement that lays the foundation for the client’s new digital infrastructure. This allows every strategic investment, configuration remediation, or workflow modification to become a building block supporting the final goal. An end-to-end solution is designed, built, and managed, which supports the integration of multi-vendor environments and customization according to a specific client’s requirements. However, unlike most unified communications solution providers, Diversified doesn’t stop after the technology is operational. The company has a network operations center to provide flexible client support and assist in leveraging their technology investment to power their business.

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