Bigger Than Broadcast: The Future is Data-First, Flexible, and Intelligent

Discover the paradigm shift as sports broadcasting pivots to embrace a data-first approach

Future of sports broadcastingIn this insightful op-ed, Jared Timmins explores the seismic shift in sports broadcasting towards a data-first future. The article delves into the transformative power of flexible and intelligent solutions, unveiling the next frontier beyond traditional broadcasting. Key developments include enhanced stadium connectivity, immersive experiences, and the integration of digital technology to foster engagement and revenue beyond game days. Jared also dives into important emerging broadcasting trends around: 

  • The Experience Environment 
  • Audience Participation 
  • Alternate Productions 
  • Generative Machine Intelligence and Data 
  • Infrastructure Innovation 
  • Gamification and AI 
  • Collaborative Modeling 

The future of sports transcends traditional broadcasting, emphasizing a data-first, flexible, and intelligent approach to engage audiences, particularly the younger generation. Stay ahead in the game! Read the full article to uncover the future of sports broadcasting and the game-changing potential of a data-first approach.  

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