Don’t be Afraid to be Paranoid about AI

Diversified CEO emphasizes the importance of balancing vision and vigilance in the integration of AI into business practices.

In today’s society, technology is a double-edged sword with the ability to empower and endanger simultaneously when not used properly. We can’t be so focused on the rewards that we overlook the risks.  We leverage cybersecurity to protect us from faceless cyberattacks, but can our leveraging of AI potentially have businesses facing lawsuits?

As more organizations begin to integrate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) into their business practices, having clear AI policies is critical. In a recent Forbes article, Diversified CEO, Eric Hutto, discusses how Diversified is taking proactive steps to ensure the acceptable and responsible use of AI among our associates, contractors, subcontractors and third-party vendors.

“I believe that getting educated about, being cautious with and picking the right spots for AI technology can empower businesses to become more productive, efficient organizations with superior solutions—and be more likely to avoid being sued for copyright infringement, destroying shareholder value, suffering reputational damage or getting taken down by other risks presented by AI,” notes Hutto.

Read the complete article to learn more about Diversified’s approach to AI and things to consider when developing your company’s AI policy.