SVG SportsTech On Demand Interviews Diversified’s Liz Davis

SVG’s Kristian Hernandez and Davis Discuss Media Workflow Technology Trends Addressing the Needs of the Modern Consumer

In today’s world of e-commerce, apps, and social media, building your brand is key. Viewers and consumers no longer want to just buy a product or subscribe; they want to be engaged on a deeper level. Additionally, as software orchestration leans more microservices-based, doors have opened to third party integration, automation and centralization.

Considering both points, this evolution requires a new approach to media workflow, thinking about the psychology and technology together. Diversified’s unique proprietary process analyzes Key Performance Indicators to not only design media asset management tools but also, reverse engineer the content creation process for faster ROI.

In our latest discussions with Sports Video Group, Liz Davis, VP of Diversified’s Media Workflow Group, covers these trending topics and how our approach to technology integration is addressing current needs of the modern consumer. Check it out: