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Refresh your AV Technology Regularly While Limiting the Hit to Your Budget

As the worlds of AV and IT continue to converge, it’s no surprise that consumers of AV technology, particularly those who like to refresh it regularly, would start to seek out ways to make the investment part of an ongoing operational expense (OpEx) budget rather than a large capital expenditure.

In an article published in AV Technology, Stephen Jenkins, senior director of Intelligent Technology Solutions at Diversified and Mathew Slack, service designer of digital workspaces at CIBC—a valued Diversified client—were interviewed on the topic of AV as a Service (AVaaS) and its role in the modern workplace.

Jenkins has long been a proponent of the model and the advantages it has in providing more flexible AV technology lifecycle refresh planning. “[In the] as-a-service model, we’re maintaining software revisions and firmware upgrades, so you’re staying on the latest and greatest software—similar to how you are on your mobile phone, or Office 365, or anything else,” he says. “Then, if you’re on a lifecycle refresh of three or five years, you can now align your as-a-service model to that so that when you’re looking at refreshing technology, you roll into another monthly recurring model that allows you to consume technology as a service.”

More important, not only is your technology always up to date, but your organization isn’t shelling out large sums of capital to procure it either.

“What’s really important is looking at the net present value of those costs, and [determining] if it’s better to spend those dollars today or spread that cost over a longer period of time,” comments Slack.

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