Microsoft and Diversified: Coming Together to Deliver Meaningful Collaborations

Immersive Experiences Highlighting Tomorrow’s Efficient Meeting Room Operations

Diversified recently had the privilege of meeting up with some of our valued customers at the Microsoft Technology & Experience Center in Downtown Atlanta. While there are several Microsoft Technology Centers across the country, and even the globe, this location is currently only one of three Microsoft Experience Centers in the entire world!  

Microsoft Technology & Experience Center in Downtown Atlanta

With Mark Hodge, a highly skilled and knowledgeable Teams Rooms Global Black Belt, diving into Microsoft’s recently shared vision for the hybrid conference room, Diversified’s Modern Workplace team demonstrated how Diversified can guide our customers from solution ideation to successful implementation and beyond to value-added services for efficient meeting room operations.  

Following a great discussion and envisioning session, the experience was underscored and enhanced by the truly immersive experience that a Microsoft Experience Center brings! The group was able to participate in an experiential tour that included: 

  • A real-world, purpose-built meeting room, optimized for the Front Row meeting layout 
  • Industry vertical examples of how Microsoft’s solutions are changing the way businesses meet the needs of end users 
  • Walk-through technology examples of some of Microsoft’s new meeting room archetypes 
  • The BIGGEST curved wall display installed at ANY Microsoft location – how cool is THAT?! 

Microsoft Technology & Experience Center in Downtown Atlanta

This was a truly valuable and engaging experience for all parties involved, and Diversified is excited to continue partnering with Microsoft to bring more of these immersive experiences to our mutual customers into the future!  

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Microsoft Technology & Experience Center in Downtown Atlanta