Doing Business in the MENA Region

Suhail Ahmed, Regional Leader of Diversified’s Dubai Operations, Joined a Panel of Industry Experts to Discuss the Trends and Intricacies of Operating in the MENA Region

While recent events have made the world seem a bit smaller and more connected than ever before, there are still distinctive characteristics and ways to successfully conduct business in various regions around the globe. Suhail Ahmed, regional leader for Diversified’s Dubai operations, joined a panel of industry experts as part of IABM’s premiere Virtual Event to discuss tips and trends on operating within the MENA region.

Even with several broadcasters in the region still holding onto a more traditional SDI approach, the MENA region is still experiencing a surge of investments in adoption of newer technologies. 4K and HDR production capabilities are being deployed to address the growing demand for enhanced viewer experience. The needs for more agile infrastructures are driving demands for IP technologies and cloud-based workflows. And unsurprisingly, the current global situation has shined new light on the need for disaster recovery solutions that support business continuity.

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