Video Platform Solution

Video at Scale

Evolve Your Entire Communication Strategy Using a Single Video Platform Solution

In our reliance on virtual meeting technology for our day-to-day communication, we are often juggling a number of video platform to connect with our families, colleagues, clients, educators–even creating on-demand video and running virtual events to fulfill internal and external communications strategies. Whether professional or personal, from the office (or remote office) to home, video is our voice.

When 2020 began, video was one part of a wider communications strategy. Now in the second half of the year, it governs it. Organizations have scaled up their video usage–from earnings calls, team meetings, corporate events, training sessions and marketing communications. On-demand video has become the norm and is in more demand than ever. Organizations are in need of new tools for automatic live streaming, touchless recording and cutting-edge collaboration; recording content from huddle rooms, Zoom rooms and collaborative spaces and translating it into usable, shareable and searchable video for their users; and intelligently capturing and routing all new video content into a single platform.

As video continues to answer an increasing amount of business communications requirements, some are finding that in scaling up their video content has led to a disjointed video communication strategy. Different departments are using different video platforms. Content is being housed in different locations and managed in disparate ways. It’s leading to confusion for end-users and audiences who are not able to easily access your content. Wouldn’t it be simpler to have all your video needs under one roof? Whether on-premises, cloud-based or a combination of both, ensuring you have a convenient, easy-to- manage platform to support business communication, cross-departmentally, is fundamental to driving more video views, deeper content engagement and stronger collaboration.

Mediasite is an automated, scalable video platform that covers end-to-end video capture and deployment. Already integral in the education sector, facilitating virtual learning across the world, Mediasite’s video platform offers significant benefits for enterprises alike. From software, video services, and hardware, Mediasite covers every stage of the video communication process taking care of the capture, management, and delivery of your video assets.

Simplifying how you create and manage video widens the potential for your communications. Make it easier for your marketing, corporate communications, human resources, and other departments to be inspired to create engaging video content. Having a single, secure platform to manage multiple channel streams makes it easier for your audience to find, share and engage with your content, ensuring your message is seen and heard from anywhere, anytime.