Virtual & In-Room Collaboration

Drawn Together

A faster, more responsive way to collaborate (and annotate)

We talk about collaboration and technology a lot. We “put our heads together” to raise our best ideas, solve our toughest problems and hold our most open discussions. Our definition of what collaboration is today, and what it will be in the future, is perpetually shifting.

In 2020, our reliance on technology has taught us that collaboration is possible even with great distances between participants. Right now, many teams are unable to put their heads together—at least not all from within the same space—but there are other ways to be drawn together.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Global Huddle Room Video Conferencing Market research, there were 33.3 million huddle room spaces worldwide and only 2.8% were video conferencing-enabled. Planar saw that market need and determined to fill it with a display series ideal for both in-office and remote workers; filling a gap in its range of advanced and all-purpose display and touch display solutions. With a growing market for collaboration display technology in corporate spaces, Planar developed the Planar® HB Series Huddle Board—a more sensitive, more flexible touch display solution for faster interactivity in huddle rooms, executive offices or remote offices.

With more people working from home, in-room collaboration paired with remote communication is critical for workflow continuity. The Planar HB Series Huddle Board 4K touch screen collaboration display features an embedded digital whiteboard and unified communications tools to support better engagement and collaboration.

The digital whiteboard enables image importing for simple annotation over maps, web page screen shots, reports and more. Save annotations for later use as well. Recognizing up to 20 simultaneous touch points with pinpoint accuracy, the Planar HB Series Huddle Board delivers unmatched precision and fast response time—whether broad strokes or the finest drawn details.

Compatible with your preferred unified communication platforms, like T1V or Hypersign, either through apps on the in-built Android module or through OPS expansion slots to connect your own pluggable devices or PCs, Planar HB Series is a perfect option for meetings that require both in-room and remote collaboration. Maximize each application’s individual features right from the touch screen. Add your own webcam, audio system and microphone of your choice and sync with colleagues across the globe as if they are right in the room.

As a leading global display provider, Planar is focused on how people use collaboration display technology to improve their lives. With the Planar HB Series Huddle Board, Planar continues this focus and delivers what truly matters to users in the new business dynamic.