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Durability and Dependability for Digital Signage

How a dependable digital signage media player can optimize your investment.

We all have that one item in our closet that’s our go-to piece no matter the occasion because it just seems to go with anything. That favorite sweater or pair of boots that’s adaptable to so many situations and always dependable. A staple, if you will. That, my friends, is how we should look at our digital signage strategy. (Stay with me here.)

Without a doubt, digital signage is one of today’s most prevalent means of communicating with our audiences—both internal and external—whether it’s in a retail environment, entertainment venue or even a corporate break room. The ability to change content on a dime allows us to easily adapt our messaging to communicate what’s needed, exactly when it’s needed. But you need a dependable backbone to help drive that adaptability, similar to that trusty sweater. (See, told you that we’d circle back around.)

Digital signage media players are a vital component of supporting your entire visual communications strategy. Now Micro helps digital signage network operators achieve better technology results by combining best-in-class media player hardware with intelligent device lifecycle management. With commercial grade dependability and a 3-year product warranty, Now Micro products are designed and built to optimize the investment in your digital signage system.

So, whether you’re in an education, government, banking, hospitality, retail or corporate environment, Now Micro provides the reliable solutions that you need with a quality user experience that you expect to help drive your message with real-time data and secure remote monitoring.

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