The Future of Work & Collaboration

What Microsoft Teams updates and HP components are doing for the enterprise and the future of work.

The return to the office has been slow but steady as companies face the continued challenge of successfully blending the remote and in-person workplace collaboration experience. With the release of a number of new Teams features and a new hardware line, Microsoft and HP Inc. are helping companies adapt for the future with an evolved workforce.


Coming early 2022, Microsoft recently made an exciting announcement introducing several new Microsoft Teams features, a new mixed reality platform, Mesh and new Teams Rooms devices. Mesh is a new 2- and 3D meeting experience with the goal of bringing meeting attendees together by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. The feature builds on existing Teams features, such as Together and Presenter mode that are designed to make remote and hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with HP hardware bundles, the HP Presence line. The line includes a Mini PC, HP Presence Control Center, 4K AI cameras, an audio video bar and satellite microphones for larger rooms. When leveraged together, these new features will bring the Teams experience to the next level.


Working in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, the new HP Elite Slice creates a purpose-built Microsoft Teams Room system with audio mics, speakers, touch display, compute, HDMI ingest and Microsoft Teams Rooms image in one complete bundle.

HP’s platform offers security and manageability, engineered for enterprise-class performance, with the added benefits of services and support, tested and certified solutions, a deep partnership with Microsoft in product development and scalable hardware with an extensive collaboration portfolio.

These combined solutions enable work groups to communicate effectively and work with confidence.

Experience Center

Diversified’s newest experience center brings together some of the best Microsoft Teams Room offerings under one roof. The center offers live or virtual demos where end users can see, touch and experience Teams and features that might be suitable for their organization. Diversified offers pre-designed AV systems with estimated installation costs for budgeting and quick build-out of huddle, small and medium-sized meeting rooms to demonstrate how bringing together HP hardware with Microsoft Teams Rooms simplify communication, collaboration and standardization.

Bringing It All Together

Through Diversified’s partnership with Microsoft and HP, enterprise companies can bring remote and in-office associates together, equally. Teams Rooms create equity by equalizing the virtual experience. Whether an associate is around an office table or at a desk at home, cameras and focus allow for the same focus and screen time. Equal face time in a meeting, even if a group of participants aren’t in a room together, creates greater equity for better communication.

Ultimately, it’s about creating an experience that is felt through the entire workspace, not just in huddle spaces and conference rooms. The key to collaboration success for today’s enterprise clients is standardization. The ease of use created by single-touch is just the start. Companies today are in need of solutions that deliver the trifecta of enabling them to meet virtually, collaborate with ease and scale-up to meet evolving operational requirements.