AV Technology | Digital Signage Evolves to Shape the New Normal

How digital signage has become a critical component in the way a company shapes its brand and communicates a message since COVID-19.

In a recent AV Technology article written by Carolyn Heinze, Diversified’s senior vice president of its Digital Media Group, John Melillo discusses not only the trending role digital signage is playing in brand and communications but also, how it’s shaping our world’s new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital signage has long been used as an efficient means of delivering branding messages and pertinent information. As the category has evolved, technology developers have continued to build increasingly sophisticated solutions that incorporate data analytics to help organizations tailor their messaging and provide a better experience for clients, guests, and associates. Over the last couple of months, the terms “experience” and “engagement” have taken on new meanings as organizations worldwide navigate operations during a pandemic—and the digital signage category is playing a significant role in this.

Additionally, the conversation covered one of Diversified’s most recently launched branded solutions, FocalPoint VitalSign. In response to COVID-19, VitalSign monitors a person’s temperature from three feet away, within one second. “Our clients are seeking this as states start to loosen their rules,” Melillo said. “We want to be prepared for that, and then work beyond that.”

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