AV/IT Convergence: Today’s Integrators, Tomorrow’s IT Companies

Diversified joins Commercial Integrator’s Networking Deep Dive to highlight a strategic and inevitable shift within the industry

As AV integration continues to become more and more network based, it’s crucial for today’s solution providers to expand their capabilities and evolve into IT companies of tomorrow. In doing so, integrators must now (a) embrace AV-over-IP and the possibilities it presents, (b) adhere to best practices for productive collaboration with IT teams, (c) adopt enterprise-grade cybersecurity methods, and (d) lean into proactive service and support as a means of achieving recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

Nick Mitchell, vice president of Diversified’s sales support group, joined Commercial Integrator for their recent Networking Deep Dive to share key insights on this strategic industry transition, including what it looks like “from the trenches” as well as what this shift in service ultimately means for the future of integration and its customers.

“The client expectations of an integrator’s level of engagement are drastically increasing,” notes Mitchell. “As a result, integrators need to adapt and prioritize cybersecurity as part of project planning and deployment.”

In the article, Mitchell identifies three factors that shape the extent to which AV systems interconnect with a client’s IT backbone: 1) the client’s security requirements; 2) the client’s own IT capabilities, as well as those of its contracted providers; and 3) whether the client has arranged for remote monitoring and management of AV systems.

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