“IBM Takes Cybersecurity Training on the Road”

The NY Times highlights IBM’s mobile cyber command center, an exciting collaboration with Diversified’s Mission Critical Team.

In a recent article, the NY Times highlights the IBM Mobile X-Force Command Center a traveling command center training facility.  The mobile cyber command center will allow IBM to bring cyber security training to any given company across the globe, rather than forcing them to send their associates to one of its brick-and-mortar locations. More importantly, they can achieve this without losing any of the functionality or meaningful lessons learned.

IBM engaged Diversified to design, build, integrate and manage the technology solutions for its mobile cyber command center. Diversified delivered advanced audio visual solutions for a command center operator area, a conference room and an exterior LED display with audio system. Diversified’s design is based on the latest in high definition display, collaboration and real-time, interactive telepresence technologies, and was built into an expandable tractor trailer intended for operation in the European theater. Following a short tour on the East Coast of the United States, the Command Center will go abroad to Europe to train operators in responding quickly and effectively to critical cyber security attacks across their organizations.

We reached out to the military where they leverage “Jump TOCs” that follow a similar theme. We then gave our technical integrator, Diversified, an incredible challenge.

Caleb Barlow, IBM Security

Diversified, founded 25 years ago from broadcast engineering expertise, is no stranger to the idea of taking a complex control room system on the road. Through its work with large organizations including Fox News, Comcast, NBC and CNN, the technology solutions provider has designed and integrated numerous mobile production trailers that make possible the live broadcasting of large events such as the Super Bowl, the World Series and the U.S. Open. This extensive experience in mobile production facilities, paired with past performance in not only IBM’s security operations centers but also many other mission critical facilities throughout the world, made Diversified the obvious choice to integrate the new Mobile X-Force® Command Center.

Diversified is proud to be part of such an exciting project, realizing the impact these potential security breaches can have for its clients and the clients of IBM. The company’s mission is to deliver the technology solutions that will make a difference for its clients and help them meet their business objectives. Through projects like this and continuing its work with IBM on its X-Force® initiative, the team at Diversified feels they are accomplishing just that.

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