Wells Fargo 

Unconventional LED Wall Offers Calming Oasis for Multinational Financial Services Company

When Wells Fargo moved its Corporate & Investment Banking business to 30 Hudson Yards office tower in New York, they reached out to Diversified to help deliver a calming environment amidst the high-stress trading with a unique video wall design that would serve as a focal point and offer associates a relaxing escape without ever leaving the office. Spanning the 14th and 15th floors is a seamless LED video wall column measuring 6’ wide by 29’ tall highlighting natural and urban scenes for changing energies throughout the day. 

“The client and architect had a vision for the space: to build a sense of extreme height and offer content that the traders would enjoy and promote relaxation,” said Dan Georgescu, Consultant with Robert Derector Telecommunications. “Once the architectural vision was in place, we had to find the right technical solutions to suit the space and deliver the content.” 

Tasked with design and integration, Diversified’s Creative Services team designed the custom content specifically to fit the unique shape of the video wall. “We used RED cameras to capture the 8K content, which was organized into two categories: city and energy, such as New York City’s new One World Trade Center or Ellis Island at sunset, and nature and peace, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite and Big Basin’s tall trees,” said Dan Barron, media design specialist at Diversified. “Although the video wall does not display 8K, we shot 8K so when you pare the image area down to a narrow strip, you still have enough resolution to look good at that huge scale.” 

The custom 8K content was uploaded into Analog Way’s Picturall Pro media server where it was split into five 1080P feeds for the video wall controller to ingest and sync into one tall image. RP Visual devised a custom steel mounting structure for the video wall, ensuring the Leyard DirectLight X displays remained flush throughout the columnar configuration, maximizing the product’s high quality. 

The traders can now escape to one of the most unique lounge areas anywhere. The end result exceeded expectations, bringing Wells Fargo’s vision to life.