Verisk Analytics 

Placing Standardized Technology in Non-Standard Applications for Enhanced Associate Engagement

Verisk Analytics, a risk assessment firm based in New Jersey, partnered with Diversified to create a multifunctional space that would provide associates both a collaborative and relaxing environment with the ability to leverage technology for remote participation and digital annotation. Seeking a space capable of supporting large meetings and town hall presentations as well as video conferencing sessions, the space required the added flexibility to be easily converted into divisible areas at times while functioning as a single, large conference space at others. 

With a relationship spanning several years focused on standardizing solutions across the entire Verisk enterprise, this time, the goal was to incorporate those standards into essentially a non-standard space. Diversified worked with the architectural and IT teams to identify a unified solution that seamlessly blurred the line between standardization and customization.    

To support the flexible room configurations, Diversified utilized technology built into the ceilings to ensure tabletops were clear and ready to move with ease. Diversified limited advanced control and functional capability to certain areas when the space was divided and locked down but gave users a simple to use, intuitive Skype interface for everyday use. The combine-mode user controls with password protection were given to certified and trained “power users” to ensure no accidental changes occurred. Finally, the inclusion of a portable annotation cart system allowed for ultimate flexibility. 

The completion of the project resulted in one large innovation center with four distinct breakout areas including a game room, collaboration areas and training rooms. Interactive rolling whiteboards were placed throughout the space as well and the rooms can be easily combined for larger town hall sessions. 

 In the end, the completed space provided a flexible, fun and collaborative environment leveraging established standards to ensure a comfortable and intuitive user experience.