Collaborative Technology that Emphasizes Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

SKLZ, which designs and manufactures training products for serious athletes at any level, has had a longstanding partnership with EXOS, which offers performance training, physical therapy, and nutrition support to professionals, amateurs, and youth athletes. When SKLZ began planning for a new headquarters and warehouse, they invited EXOS to open a training facility in the same building. In designing the AV systems for SKLZ and EXOS, simplicity and reliability were the most important considerations.

As you walk into the new SKLZ facility, you’re struck by its open architecture. Carved out of a large warehouse structure, the spaces have high ceilings, big windows and few walls. There’s an LED monitor behind the receptionist’s desk that can play welcome messages and company promotional and instructional videos—but as likely as not, it’s showing the biggest sporting event going on in the world that day. The same is true of a 9’ x 14.5’ projection setup in the visitor area.

The offices and work spaces are located on the second floor, together with a “Nourishment Area” and four conference rooms. The biggest of these, the “Skybox,” occupies the second story of a glass and steel open-topped structure, set on giant casters in the open visitors’ area. A highlight of the Skybox is a 5’ x 9’ motorized projection screen that drops from the ceiling on nearly invisible steel cables. “It looks like a large flat screen floating in the center of one of the windows,” says Steve Gordon, Diversified account executive. “The mechanism is hidden by an I-beam just below the roof, so all you see is the screen and its two-inch black borders. It’s a really great effect.” In addition, there’s a 3500-lumen projector mounted in the back of the room and four pendent speakers hanging over the table.

Misty Madrid explains that the technology installations went very well and “the systems have been working great.” In addition to day-to-day operations, SKLZ has hosted many other companies’ events and meetings, including board meetings. They like the unique  look of the facility and the simplicity of the projection and sound systems.