Jones Lange Lasalle Aon Center

LED Lobby Space Renovation Creates Stunning Visual Experience in this Famous Chicago Skyscraper

When the Aon Center, one of Chicago’s most famous and recognizable buildings, began a full atrium and LED lobby space renovation, they knew they needed to ‘WOW’ those who saw the space after the renovations were complete. The real estate developer, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), was looking for a way to make the space not only more inviting and brighter, but also cutting-edge. With that in mind, Diversified and NanoLumens came to the table with a display solution that was not only easy to update, but also designed to support easy maintenance. Not to mention, it was much more affordable in comparison to other visual display solutions previously considered. A combination that simply couldn’t be beat.

The solution features two enormous LED displays that create a floor-to-ceiling digital wall that invites tenants and guests to experience stunning Chicago-themed visuals on a massive scale. With such a large space, there was no question the use of LED technology was the way to go. A projection system would have been expensive and massively complicated, while a traditional multi-panel video wall could not compete with LED’s seamless presentation capabilities and low weight and power requirements. The two 42’W x 10’H 4mm pixel-pitch displays measure a total of 840 square-feet and show five three-minute videos on a constant loop, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, JLL wanted to maintain the display themselves for long-term performance and immediate troubleshooting. So, they purchased extra Nixels and had associates learn how to install them. If any individual pixel or Nixel has an issue, it can be swapped out for a new one in minutes rather than days or weeks.

For tenants, visitors and even passersby, this massive installation breathes life into the Aon Center’s lobby space renovation. JLL couldn’t have been happier with the overall aesthetic and ease-of-use of the solution provided and look forward to the opportunities the attraction will provide their building for years to come.