Yankee Stadium


Having designed and completed more large scale IPTV in sports venues than any other integrator, Diversified played a major role in equipping the new Yankee Stadium with a groundbreaking Cisco StadiumVision IPTV deployment as part of a technology integration project that exceeded $10 million.

Although Diversified did additional broadcast work that is beyond the scope of this case study, its’ primary duty was the design, installation and commissioning of an IPTV head-end where local DTV off-air, satellite and HD game feeds are all received and encoded to IP stream for distribution to 1000 Sony displays placed throughout the stadium. The company was responsible for installation of all displays associated with the system (placed in locations such as clubs, public areas and concession stands), including installing a Cisco 4305G Digital Media Player (DMP) at each display.

Referencing the DMP, Kevin Collins remarked, “It’s like a local flash player at each TV. The power of Cisco’s IPTV is that each individual screen becomes a static IP address, to which you can send unique media. So, each TV can have a unique channel lineup, different ad insertions, overlay graphics with advertising, etc. So, the 100-level concession area might have a bar where they’d feature Miller Light and Chevy trucks, whereas, at the suite level, you might have the same game but the graphic additions might be Mercedes and golf clubs.”

Diversified also participated in testing of all signal paths and connectivity to each display for handoff to the Cisco Interactive Applications Software (IAPPS) development team. “They had to know, from a hardware and wiring perspective, everything was installed, continuity was checked and they had a good, working system ,” emphasized Collins.