Port Macquarie Hastings Council

State-Of-The-Art Presentation And Recording Facilities For Local Council Chambers

Diversified was commissioned by Port Macquarie Hastings Council to provide state-of-the-art audio visual technology, presentation and recording facilities for their Council Chambers in New South Wales. Councils are required to record Chamber proceedings for information accuracy and record-keeping, meaning the solution design had to be intuitive and reliable and leverage the latest that technology had to offer.

To cater to larger numbers of patrons in attendance, the Council Chambers combine with other spaces—a multi-purpose layout that presented challenges of impeded views of the councilors. Diversified helped the Council overcome this challenge by providing a multi-view of the presentation and a single camera shot capturing all councilors seated at the benches situated in a horseshoe arrangement. Additional displays ensure that all parties can see the content being displayed regardless of their position in the room. A wireless microphone system featuring automatic or manual cuing provides confidence that when a councilor speaks, they can be heard loud and clear by everyone without feedback or artifacts. All of this is controlled via a simple user interface which is able to be operated with minimal to no instruction.

Diversified worked with the Council to not only provide an audio visual technology solution that met their needs, but engaged with them throughout the process in a consultative capacity to confirm those requirements and refine them for the best possible outcome. In delivery of the project, Diversified was able to accommodate a request for an urgent Council meeting, seeing the system fully functional two weeks before commissioning was due for completion.

The result delivered was a networked solution that enables future expansion for additional displays and content sources to ensure the system can grow with the Council’s needs over time.


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