Diversified and Sony Partner to Deliver Cinematic Worship Experience

Diversified’s House of Worship team helps Colorado church upgrade with suite of Sony camera systems for cinematic streaming experience.

cinematic worship experience

Two years ago, Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado partnered with Diversified to help upgrade the church’s aging video system as their existing cameras were approaching their end-of-life… and then the pandemic hit.

“Because of COVID, we had become a streaming church,” explains Chris Thomas, Cherry Hills’ technical arts director, adding that previously, the church did not do much in the way of streaming. “Therefore, with COVID, we were incredibly reliant on the video system to deliver services online, and the low quality of the image was becoming more and more apparent to those in leadership now that the internet was going to be our main outlet.”

With a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with the new cameras, Sony offered the solutions needed to help deliver the more cinematic look combined with the cleanness of broadcast controls and reliable longevity that would ensure the cameras would last for many years of services to come.

“When people think of Sony, they think of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ they think of the Super Bowl, and they think of the Grammys,” says Tim Corder, director of strategic accounts, House of Worship at Diversified. “They don’t realize that Sony has products and options that a 2,500-seat church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado can afford. For Cherry Hills, Sony was a perfect fit for what they were looking for and what they wanted to do, and the end result has been amazing.”

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