Rants and rAVes Podcast: When You See a Title of “Footballer & AV Pro,” You Gotta Ask

You never know what can come from a LinkedIn request. When Gary Kayye of rAVe Radio’s “Rants and rAVes” received one particular invite from a “Footballer and AV Pro,” his curiosity got the best of him.

Following a passion doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your dreams. Meet one of the women of Diversified, Calaigh Copland—national football player (or soccer for all our U.S. and Canadian readers) and technology professional—as she joins Gary to talk about breaking into the AV industry without having to hang up her cleats.

As a valued sales executive on Diversified’s Toronto team, Calaigh helps connect clients to the technology solutions that enhance their collaboration and drive their business objectives. But when she’s not scoring deals, she’s scoring goals as a member of the Guyana women’s national football team.

Calaigh is a team player—both on and off the field—as well as a member of the AVIXA Women’s Council, encouraging the next generation of women to follow their passions and pursue an exciting career in the world of technology.

Listen to the complete podcast here!