A Tale of Two Classrooms – Bridging Virtual Learning with a Hybrid Approach

Leveraging hybrid classrooms to connect, engage and educate the classroom, both physically and virtually.

Enabling meaningful connections with in-person and virtual students has been a continuous challenge for higher education and K-12 institutions around the globe. The idea of the hybrid classroom has emerged as a way for instructors to interact with students on a more personal level than the all-virtual distance learning model. In a hybrid classroom, while the instructor is nearly always present in the classroom, students have the option to attend in person or virtually, allowing individuals to maintain social distancing.

Explore how Diversified helped Harvard-Westlake School and Turlock Unified School District, both in California, embrace hybrid teaching, customizing it to fit their needs in different ways and with different technology frameworks.

“There are so many ways to create hybrid classrooms—these examples are just two of them,” said Kelli Hobson of Diversified’s Product Solutions Group. “Knowing the goals and challenges of each instructor, classroom, school, and district helps us as solution providers find the best solutions possible so that our clients can create highly engaging and meaningful classroom experiences.”

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