A Networked World: Commercial AV Evolution and The Change It Brings

Diversified’s Tyler Bonner featured in Sound and Communications Magazine

Generically speaking, “net-works” (disparate nodes or points connected by one- or two-way channels) have been around for decades. “Networked,” however, changes everything. Using the term in this way connotes that these connections constitute a state of being. “Networked” is a more active and better way to express how audio, video and data have converged into a single proposition and now move as integrated entities on a common highway.

That’s also been the challenge for AV systems integrators. As InfoComm expressed it in a white paper in 2014, “… the audiovisual (AV), information technology (IT) and tele-communications fields were distinct disciplines. Today, they have converged, which is not to say that one has con- sumed the others, but rather that large technology programs now incorporate elements of all three, interrelated and working together to achieve an enterprise goal.” But inte-grating both the technologies and the cultures behind them has been a test for AV professionals. That process, like the technologies and products themselves, is a work in progress.

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