Travers Smith

Travers Smith

Utilizing Microsoft Teams to Create Room Standardization for London Law Firm

Diversified has served as trusted AV partner to Travers Smith, a corporate law firm headquartered in London, for several years, maintaining systems at their Snow Hill Office. Travers Smith partnered with us to update several meeting rooms, some of which weren’t yet capable of video conferencing.

In early 2021 David Cassidy, IT Director, Travers Smith sought out Diversified, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner to standardize their meeting room for use of Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. The new meeting room technology had to be intuitive and offer an identical experience across the variety of rooms sizes, from huddle rooms to boardroom and even the auditorium. After demonstrations of several Microsoft-certified room solutions, the Crestron Flex system and Logitech Rally camera was approved and standardized upon for all rooms. Diversified further collaborated with the Travers Smith building management team to identify and coordinate monitoring and evaluation requirements to compliment the AV upgrades.

The highlight of the project is the auditorium which is now capable of hosting internal and external meetings over Teams. A large, 130” 1.5mm Samsung LED display was installed, upgraded from a ceiling mount projection system. The space also includes multiple 4K cameras which capture participants on a small stage at the front of the room in lecture mode as well as participants at the table when configured for boardroom style meetings. The same Crestron Flex system and interface found in the auditorium, also features in all meeting rooms to provide a truly equal experience, reducing use complexity and giving users the confidence to use the system without needing to rely on technical assistance.

Diversified was able to complete the project during a difficult time given the working restrictions presented by the pandemic compounded by the global chip shortage which extended delivery lead times. As a direct result of the success of this project Diversified continue to support Travers Smith through the technology upgrades, with more projects planned for the future. Furthermore, Diversified continue to provide day to day support and maintenance Assurance, a technical support service for their system and business continuity.



State of the art hybrid workplace solution enables collaborative flexibility

Diversified was engaged by Ausenco, a multinational engineering, procurement, construction management, and operations service provider, to design and install a hybrid workplace solution for their new location in Brisbane. The company required a hybrid workplace solution which would futureproof their ability to collaborate and deliver industry leading solutions to their clients globally.

Diversified worked in consultation with Ausenco to determine their unique hybrid working requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of the latest audio-visual technologies with their existing infrastructure portfolio could be achieved. From this consultation, Diversified were able to design a custom audio-visual solution specifically to meet Ausenco’s needs, comprising of 16 meeting rooms as well as a kitchen and reception area, across two office levels.

For this design, Logitech componentry was used throughout to ensure a smooth user experience for the Ausenco team, taking advantage of the remote, cloud-based monitoring and device management tool Logitech Sync, which makes it easy to support video deployments from a simple browser-based interface. This combination was chosen to provide Ausenco with greater flexibility to work remotely and leverage in-office collaboration.

Used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, Diversified were able to make good use of Logitech’s ability to ‘work out of the box’, with components such as the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Bundle, Logitech Rally Mic Pod and extension cable, Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera, Logitech Tap Scheduler and Logitech Tap Meet Up enabled to just plug in without controllers.

Working closely with builders and contractors onsite, Diversified were able to consult, design, build, manage and deliver the completed project well within the time constraints, in just a matter of weeks, meaning Ausenco were able to experience a smooth transition to their new location with the hybrid workplace infrastructure needed to successfully service their clients in an efficient manner.

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Verisk Analytics

Verisk Analytics 

Placing Standardized Technology in Non-Standard Applications for Enhanced Associate Engagement

Verisk Analytics, a risk assessment firm based in New Jersey, partnered with Diversified to create a multifunctional space that would provide associates both a collaborative and relaxing environment with the ability to leverage technology for remote participation and digital annotation. Seeking a space capable of supporting large meetings and town hall presentations as well as video conferencing sessions, the space required the added flexibility to be easily converted into divisible areas at times while functioning as a single, large conference space at others. 

With a relationship spanning several years focused on standardizing solutions across the entire Verisk enterprise, this time, the goal was to incorporate those standards into essentially a non-standard space. Diversified worked with the architectural and IT teams to identify a unified solution that seamlessly blurred the line between standardization and customization.    

To support the flexible room configurations, Diversified utilized technology built into the ceilings to ensure tabletops were clear and ready to move with ease. Diversified limited advanced control and functional capability to certain areas when the space was divided and locked down but gave users a simple to use, intuitive Skype interface for everyday use. The combine-mode user controls with password protection were given to certified and trained “power users” to ensure no accidental changes occurred. Finally, the inclusion of a portable annotation cart system allowed for ultimate flexibility. 

The completion of the project resulted in one large innovation center with four distinct breakout areas including a game room, collaboration areas and training rooms. Interactive rolling whiteboards were placed throughout the space as well and the rooms can be easily combined for larger town hall sessions. 

 In the end, the completed space provided a flexible, fun and collaborative environment leveraging established standards to ensure a comfortable and intuitive user experience.

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Immersive Exhibit Technology Helps to Tell the Story of Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

W.L. Gore, award-winning developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers, set out to completely reinvent the tour experience within their W.L. Gore Capabilities Center while adding functionality and flexibility to existing systems. As a foundation, Gore was seeking a system that could meet the primary requirements of their Overview Tour, which features six main exhibits showcasing its corporate community and culture, focus on technology and product performance, and the story of the teams they work with. Thinking ahead, Gore also sought to expand the immersive exhibit technology to existing functionality to allow for any new use cases they could dream up in the future, including a science fair-style session showcasing IP content, a large audience board meeting, or social gatherings.

The systems needed to be incredibly reliable as they are used all day, every day for multiple tours and sessions. Additionally, the new systems and the content that they displayed needed to create a compelling experience and truly immerse the visitor in the story they were being told. To accomplish these goals, Diversified was brought into the project by Bluecadet, an experience strategy and design agency, who was responsible for not only redesigning the spatial experience but also generating all the custom, ultra-HD content and interactive applications.

“Diversified was a critical partner in the success of the Gore Capabilities Center. [They] designed and built a complex and elegant AV solution resulting in an incredibly successful project.”

Ellen Freifeld, Executive Producer, Bluecadet

Through systems expertise and years of proven experience, Diversified provided W.L. Gore the design, development, testing, fabrication, and deployment of the latest in immersive exhibit technology to include projection mapping, 4K LED video walls, interactive touch displays and high-performance media technology that turned Bluecadet’s experience design concept into a reality. What’s more, the duo was able to deliver this unique experience on an aggressive timeline of only three months.

Now reopened to the public, the newly upgraded Capabilities Center mirrors the forward-thinking nature of W.L. Gore itself with modern technology solutions and an incredibility compelling story that is sure to catch the eye of many for years to come.

Photo Credit: Bluecadet

Morton Salt

Morton Salt

Interactive Video Wall Technology Creates Statement Piece for Iconic American Brand’s HQ

When Christian Herrmann was named CEO of Morton Salt, his overarching goal was to, “empower the people again and bring this company back to life.” As part of his plan to achieve this, Herrmann moved his 350 headquarters staff to a brand-new location inside the River Point Tower in Chicago. The 52,000 square-foot space is open, modern and packed with the latest technology. With amazing views, sit-stand desks, and plenty of collaboration space, it had everything a modern office and its associates could need…

Or did it? The space was great but Herrmann knew that it needed a statement piece: something to draw visitors in, let them interact with Morton’s latest marketing campaigns, and learn about the company’s history. That’s where Diversified came in.

Working with creative partner, VisionThree, the Diversified team developed a custom gesture-controlled, interactive portrait video wall. The wall is comprised of 12 HD video displays, powered by three Microsoft Kinect motion sensors, and invites passing associates and visitors to step forward and reach toward the wall. From the main menu, users can choose to explore the different methods of salt production, watch the newest marketing videos, and see the evolution of the Morton Salt girl. The interface is simple, intuitive and beautifully crafted.

The whole system was built from scratch. “We’d never done anything quite like this,” said Jeff White of VisionThree. “It took us a month to build the gesture controls alone. You wouldn’t imagine all the ways that people point.”

The outcome of all this hard work is the creation of a true centerpiece for an already impressive office. On the first day at the new location, associates and visitors stopped to interact with the video wall as soon as they entered the lobby. After watching his associates interact with the wall, and trying it out himself, Herrmann said that he was extremely pleased with the display: “Everyone who’s coming here—vendors, contractors, clients, even new associates—are learning about what Morton stands for.”

Comcast Technology Center

Comcast Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Technology Nurtures an Enterprise Campus of Innovation and Collaboration

The Comcast Technology Center was conceived as a vertical enterprise campus to serve diverse uses including; Comcast’s research and development departments, television studios for NBC, and a 12-story luxury hotel. The tower provides a highly flexible workplace to nurture innovation with state-of-the-art technology for technologists, engineers, software architects, and executive teams to collaborate, develop and showcase products and services.

Given the size and complexity of the various technology specifications, Diversified was selected as the technology solutions provider for the project because of our expertise across multiple audio visual, digital signage, production and distribution technical competencies. Diversified worked with several different end user groups within Comcast to deliver the unique technology systems within their timeline and budget.

In the Comcast Technology Center, associates utilize technology that fluidly supports their needs and empowers their work to “imagine the future.”

The project scope included:

12-14th Floors

Broadcast Studios and Workplace Conference Rooms for NBC10, the local NBC affiliate station.

18th & 19th Floors

Town Hall: A hybrid auditorium, production and theater space featuring Dolby surround sound and media control room for production, distribution, and routing.

Conference Center: Multiple divisible and standard conference rooms with video teleconferencing capabilities.

20th Floor

Comcast Labs: Cutting-edge spaces with 4k video throughout several conference rooms, demo labs, a usability lab and observation testing rooms where Comcast collaborates internally to develop their latest cable TV products and demonstrate their products clients and partners.

Viewing Room: For screenings of Comcast Xfinity TV and NBC Universal film content as well as executive presentations with a 0.9mm pixel pitch, 35-foot wide LED display.

In the Media

NBC Philadelphia

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IBM X-Force Command

IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center

Mobile Command Center Technology Accelerates Cybersecurity Training on the Road and Extends Accessibility

Following the success of their X-Force Command Center Training Facility, an immersive cybersecurity range preparing companies to effectively respond to cyberattacks, IBM created a new mobile facility utilizing the latest in command center technology. The project, based on a custom mobile trailer chassis, includes a command center operation area, conference room and exterior AV system. IBM needed a technology partner who understood command and control deployments and could design, install, integrate and maintain a multi-OEM product AV solution. With extensive experience in both mobile production and mission critical facilities, Diversified was the obvious choice. The design is based on the latest in HD display, collaboration and real-time, interactive telepresence technologies.

The Main Command Center technology is truly where the magic happens—outfitted with an operator console, enough displays to view real-time cyberattack updates from anywhere in the room, and an Oblong Mezzanine system for an interactive presentation experience. Interactivity between the five large displays and their operators is provided through interactive tracking devices and optical user wands installed in the front displays. Additional integrated content sources are provided via Apple TV and a Cisco Spark Room system. All cabling is in the floor for easier disconnection and movement with the furniture, further enhancing mobility.

The conference room was constructed with mobility and ease-of-use in mind. The front display is connected to the Cisco Spark Room system and integrated with room inputs, providing a built-in audio system. For video input, Diversified implemented a table interface for laptop connectivity.

The exterior AV system is comprised of a weather-proofed direct view LED screen and presents video and images from selected sources consisting of computer-generated shows and Apple TV sources. Diversified provided video processing devices to allow multiple sources to seamlessly display on the screen at any given time as well as a wireless microphone system enabling speech to be heard on this exterior system. A custom programmed control system enables control of all Main Command center technology, conference room and exterior AV system operations from one place.




With eBay’s newest addition to its Silicon Valley campus, Main Street, the company sought to reinvigorate its brand identity, reinvent its culture and reenergize its associates. The new building serves as the entrance to the campus, welcoming associates and partners into an immersive, media-rich environment that captures the organization’s culture and engages its visitors.

The iconic LED videowall installation in the Main Street Hall spans 45 feet wide by 12 foot high in a five-screen, 2.5 mm configuration. Partnering with New York-based ESI Design to transform the space, their imagination and designs provided the foundation for Diversified to engineer and deliver custom LED videowall installation solutions unparalleled by anything else in the market, complete with innovative and interactive digital content via the Signet digital signage network.

“This display floats in front of a glass wall with zero bezel around it. The LED goes right to the edge.”
Adam Lopez, Diversified Account Executive

“Diversified’s engineers worked closely with the architect and structural engineers to build a steel, load-bearing structure that suspended the display four feet away from the wall and 10 feet in elevation above the stage. The outcome was amazing: the iconic LED floating in front of glass with redwood trees behind it.”

Additionally, Diversified took great care in designing and mocking up the 1.6 mm LED dual-sided columns in the lobby and cafe. Diversified brought one of the steel beams into its shop and mocked up the LED columns with a perforated steel housing around the sides to create the necessary air flow and a custom glass front for protection. The columns were then custom fabricated with an aircraft cable system that actually lowers the LEDs for future servicing.

Through the skillful integration of hardware, motion sensors and a 32-point touch system, the Diversified team delivered a custom solution that captures the activity of eBay’s website in real-time, from users around the globe, and presents those transactions in fun and engaging ways that provide a more imaginative and meaningful visualization of the company.

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Custom Integration of Network Operations Center Improves Efficiency

Intelsat is a global leader in providing integrated satellite communications and operates the world’s first globalized network; delivering high-quality video and broadband services anywhere in the world. Until recently, Intelsat ran four discrete operations centers that were separated based on function: a radio frequency operations center, a managed services operations center, an occasional-use service center and a teleport operations center.

As Intelsat continued expanding, the company decided to combine their four operations centers into one comprehensive Network Operations Center (NOC) and significantly upgrade the capabilities of the video wall to more effectively support their operational requirements.

Intelsat worked with Diversified on previous projects and engaged the company again for custom integration of network operations center systems to improve operational efficiency. Intelsat’s requirements were video intense and matrixed across multiple functional groups so Diversified leveraged unique coding and programming skill sets to encode/decode content while delivering scalability and ease-of-use. The team also facilitated working with the vendor to develop custom code for the solution. Intelsat now has the scalability to share content in multiple formats across the video wall and across their network to other buildings.

Tyler Bonner, SVP of Mission Critical Environments at Diversified commented, “Intelsat is at the apex of what most control rooms want to do. A trend we’re seeing in the control room space is a desire for highly specialized skill sets to be able to leverage one another’s talents to share and collaborate. This is moving our clients toward leveraging an IP network.” Intelsat is pleased with the solution and utilizes Diversified Global Services for ongoing, 24/7/365 support for their mission critical environment.




Cutting-edge Meeting and Conference Facilities for New London Headquarters

When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO moved to London, he discovered tremendous opportunity to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors via a mobile application. When building their new HQ, he brought on Diversified to develop room standards with key stakeholders. Out of these design development sessions, all of the meeting rooms and town hall spaces were designed to meet Deliveroo’s needs with a bespoke audio visual system.

In total, there are 27 meeting rooms as well as multi-use spaces, huddles and town hall spaces. There is a full IP-based audio system, controlled via Sonos throughout the building as well as networked IPTV channels and bespoke digital signage content to make users feel at home. A key requirement for Deliveroo was ensuring a simple to operate user experience. By leveraging its expertise in room occupancy, Diversified provided an AMX-based control system in every room, that detects when the user enters the room and turns on the system.

As Deliveroo made their VC choice around the Google CFM platform, Diversified’s engineers and programmers produced the first large scale deployment of Google CFM outside of Google itself. When the user enters the room the Google CFM log in screen is presented and as a clear desk policy was in place, Diversified integrated the Biamp Devio digital sound processor along with a Biamp ceiling mic array, allowing the users to simply enter their meeting code to commence the meeting. In the town hall area, Diversified provided a range of lapel, handheld and “catch box” mics, as well as a three camera VC setup, giving the AV manager the ability to mix a professional sound and video broadcast and stream and record it for Deliveroo staff worldwide.

By enhancing the office with easy to use technology, Deliveroo can work without complications. This setup will act as a blueprint for the company, being replicated around the globe and playing a key role in their continuing success story. In the first two weeks moving in, Ayhan Behic – AV Manager at Deliveroo posted on the internal comms, letting staff know about AV training sessions; but the team found the technology so easy to use that none of them needed to attend the sessions.


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