Comcast Technology Center

Comcast Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Technology Nurtures an Enterprise Campus of Innovation and Collaboration

The Comcast Technology Center was conceived as a vertical enterprise campus to serve diverse uses including; Comcast’s research and development departments, television studios for NBC, and a 12-story luxury hotel. The tower provides a highly flexible workplace to nurture innovation with state-of-the-art technology for technologists, engineers, software architects, and executive teams to collaborate, develop and showcase products and services.

Given the size and complexity of the various technology specifications, Diversified was selected as the technology solutions provider for the project because of our expertise across multiple audio visual, digital signage, production and distribution technical competencies. Diversified worked with several different end user groups within Comcast to deliver the unique technology systems within their timeline and budget.

In the Comcast Technology Center, associates utilize technology that fluidly supports their needs and empowers their work to “imagine the future.”

The project scope included:

12-14th Floors

Broadcast Studios and Workplace Conference Rooms for NBC10, the local NBC affiliate station.

18th & 19th Floors

Town Hall: A hybrid auditorium, production and theater space featuring Dolby surround sound and media control room for production, distribution, and routing.

Conference Center: Multiple divisible and standard conference rooms with video teleconferencing capabilities.

20th Floor

Comcast Labs: Cutting-edge spaces with 4k video throughout several conference rooms, demo labs, a usability lab and observation testing rooms where Comcast collaborates internally to develop their latest cable TV products and demonstrate their products clients and partners.

Viewing Room: For screenings of Comcast Xfinity TV and NBC Universal film content as well as executive presentations with a 0.9mm pixel pitch, 35-foot wide LED display.

In the Media

NBC Philadelphia

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Conference USA

Conference USA

Driving Operational Efficiency Through State-of-the-art Technologies for Broadcast Command Center

Conference USA (C-USA) is an intercollegiate athletic conference whose 14 member institutions compete in the NCAA’s Division I sports. When C-USA relocated their head office from Irving to Coppell, TX, they collaborated with Diversified to address their evolving on-demand viewing requirements and drive operational efficiencies through state-of-the-art technologies in their broadcast command center, boardroom and meeting rooms.

Given the smaller size of their member schools, many of C-USA games are broadcast online rather than via cable or satellite. Their new command center system enables conference commissioners to stream and monitor games and officiating across the country from a central location. Technical components include:

  • Media distribution system to stream multiple games simultaneously from Satellite and ESPN+ over the internet.
  • 3 x 3 video wall that is simple to use, reliable and met their very specific needs for viewing games via cable, satellite or internet feed.
  • Custom-engineered workstation PC with 8 simultaneous outputs to view multiple games via internet and provide remote keyboard and mouse access.

Diversified also coordinated with JLL, GL Seaman and the client to adapt the technology solutions to their unique architectural requirements. In the C-USA boardroom the display and camera were originally slated for standard wall mounted installation, however, an architectural change required the display and camera to be mounted behind a DIRTT (Doing it right this time) Glass wall. Realizing the glass would impact image quality, the solution involved a redesigned glass wall with a custom camera window and a 3D printed blackout box to house the camera and eliminate light reflections. The new AV system incorporates existing equipment with updated conferencing capabilities through integrated Shure ceiling microphones, a QSC Audio Digital Signal Processor, camera and USB extension for improved Skype video conferencing capabilities. The solution was nominated for the CoreNET CRE Collaborative Excellence award 2019.

As they celebrate their 25th year, C-USA now has the technology solutions to better serve members, student-athletes, fans and supporters in their dynamic conference.

IBM X-Force Command

IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center

Mobile Command Center Technology Accelerates Cybersecurity Training on the Road and Extends Accessibility

Following the success of their X-Force Command Center Training Facility, an immersive cybersecurity range preparing companies to effectively respond to cyberattacks, IBM created a new mobile facility utilizing the latest in command center technology. The project, based on a custom mobile trailer chassis, includes a command center operation area, conference room and exterior AV system. IBM needed a technology partner who understood command and control deployments and could design, install, integrate and maintain a multi-OEM product AV solution. With extensive experience in both mobile production and mission critical facilities, Diversified was the obvious choice. The design is based on the latest in HD display, collaboration and real-time, interactive telepresence technologies.

The Main Command Center technology is truly where the magic happens—outfitted with an operator console, enough displays to view real-time cyberattack updates from anywhere in the room, and an Oblong Mezzanine system for an interactive presentation experience. Interactivity between the five large displays and their operators is provided through interactive tracking devices and optical user wands installed in the front displays. Additional integrated content sources are provided via Apple TV and a Cisco Spark Room system. All cabling is in the floor for easier disconnection and movement with the furniture, further enhancing mobility.

The conference room was constructed with mobility and ease-of-use in mind. The front display is connected to the Cisco Spark Room system and integrated with room inputs, providing a built-in audio system. For video input, Diversified implemented a table interface for laptop connectivity.

The exterior AV system is comprised of a weather-proofed direct view LED screen and presents video and images from selected sources consisting of computer-generated shows and Apple TV sources. Diversified provided video processing devices to allow multiple sources to seamlessly display on the screen at any given time as well as a wireless microphone system enabling speech to be heard on this exterior system. A custom programmed control system enables control of all Main Command center technology, conference room and exterior AV system operations from one place.

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics

Consistent Collaboration & Presentation Systems
Support Mission to Serve Doctors and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 67,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of children. During construction of their new headquarters, the AAP met with Diversified to discuss their collaboration and presentation systems requirements in order to facilitate numerous medical education events as well as the committee and council meetings they host each year. Along with their requirements, the AAP emphasized that every dollar saved on operating costs furthers their mission of serving doctors and children.

Diversified partnered with AAP’s Director of IT and Technology to deliver comprehensive technology solutions with cost-effective system designs. The CEO Conference Room is outfitted with a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and simplified controls for easy plug-and-play wired or wireless connectivity. The 3-way divisible room includes a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and WebEx capability. Bosch Dicentis wireless conference systems with push-to-talk microphones are transported between the meeting rooms and connect into each audio video system. These devices, which provide high-quality sound reinforcement for board meetings and seminars, are easy for users to operate and quick for technology managers to set-up.

In the lobby atrium a high-definition 4×2 video wall welcomes associates and visitors. The video wall is comprised of Planar clarity matrix displays running content from a 22Miles digital signage platform. This same platform extends to digital signs throughout the building including the wayfinding kiosk which directs visitors to the appropriate room for each seminar and program.

From the collaboration and presentation systems in conference rooms to multiple divisible training rooms, sleek video wall and helpful wayfinding kiosk, the AAP appreciates the right-sized technology solutions Diversified provided to further their mission of serving doctors and their young patients.

Seneca College

Seneca College Newnham Campus

Audio Visual Upgrade for a Multi-Purpose Teaching and Conference Space Within a Tight Timeline

With the projected use of this room becoming more multi-purposed, Seneca College needed to upgrade the audio visual and lighting systems to accommodate the requirements of a multi-purpose setting.

Two 6×3 video walls, featuring 55” NEC ultra-thin bezel displays, were custom wall-mounted at the front of each room in addition to six 70” and 55” displays mounted in strategic areas throughout both rooms for optimal viewing. Two height-adjustable motorized podiums were provided with embedded touchscreen control and NEC confidence monitors. The podiums also included gooseneck microphones, client supplied PCs and connection points for guest speaker laptops. Lastly, the system included two surface mount partition sensors to sense movable wall positioning, two keypad lighting control panels at the main doors, an upgraded audio system, a live mixing console with digital audio head end and one DMX lighting controller.

Additionally, this multi-purpose room needed to have the flexibility to be converted on the fly with limited technical support, if any. To make this happen, the Diversified team created two room modes that are automatically detected by remote sensors located at two points along the movable wall track. When the movable wall is closed, the system automatically operates as two separate rooms—each totally independent from the other. When the movable wall is fully open, the sensors cue the system to operate as one large room giving the user access to all room components including all possible input locations and all output displays.

The presenter is given the ability to control all room functions via a 10” touch screen control panel located in each podium. The presenter can select which source to send to any or all of the room displays.

Lastly, a final audio feature is a mobile audio mixing console which will be used for special events when auxiliary audio connections are to be added to the system.



Cutting-edge Meeting and Conference Facilities for New London Headquarters

When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO moved to London, he discovered tremendous opportunity to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors via a mobile application. When building their new HQ, he brought on Diversified to develop room standards with key stakeholders. Out of these design development sessions, all of the meeting rooms and town hall spaces were designed to meet Deliveroo’s needs with a bespoke audio visual system.

In total, there are 27 meeting rooms as well as multi-use spaces, huddles and town hall spaces. There is a full IP-based audio system, controlled via Sonos throughout the building as well as networked IPTV channels and bespoke digital signage content to make users feel at home. A key requirement for Deliveroo was ensuring a simple to operate user experience. By leveraging its expertise in room occupancy, Diversified provided an AMX-based control system in every room, that detects when the user enters the room and turns on the system.

As Deliveroo made their VC choice around the Google CFM platform, Diversified’s engineers and programmers produced the first large scale deployment of Google CFM outside of Google itself. When the user enters the room the Google CFM log in screen is presented and as a clear desk policy was in place, Diversified integrated the Biamp Devio digital sound processor along with a Biamp ceiling mic array, allowing the users to simply enter their meeting code to commence the meeting. In the town hall area, Diversified provided a range of lapel, handheld and “catch box” mics, as well as a three camera VC setup, giving the AV manager the ability to mix a professional sound and video broadcast and stream and record it for Deliveroo staff worldwide.

By enhancing the office with easy to use technology, Deliveroo can work without complications. This setup will act as a blueprint for the company, being replicated around the globe and playing a key role in their continuing success story. In the first two weeks moving in, Ayhan Behic – AV Manager at Deliveroo posted on the internal comms, letting staff know about AV training sessions; but the team found the technology so easy to use that none of them needed to attend the sessions.





Veritas were opening a new state of the art building in Dublin and wanted to make use of advances in audio visual technology. As a global business, Veritas has a predefined set of AV standards that Diversified was asked to work within as well as tight budget and timeline for the number of AV spaces to be fitted out.

In total, the rooms and solutions delivered include one large town hall space, a large all hands conference area, a large training / collaboration space, three large VC rooms, 11 large presentation rooms, 11 medium rooms, a network operations center (NOC), a huddle area, and a room booking solution.

The key goals of Veritas were to follow their global AV standards, build rooms that are simple to use with a great user experience, create flexible, multi-purpose spaces and high definition video conferencing integration. The Diversified team worked with Veritas and the main building contractor to deliver the range of rooms, covering all of the user needs with many having flexible configuration and range of AV uses. The Crestron room control not only offers a simple user interface but also links in with the global Crestron Fusion system, giving remote network monitoring and control.


DEFINED AUDIO VISUAL STANDARDS FOR RAPIDLY GROWING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has seen major recent growth thanks to it’s flagship game, Candy Crush, among many others that have been developed since its launch. As happens in many organizations that grow very quickly, King realized that each of its offices were designing and installing their own AV rooms and there was lack of consistency in the user experience between sites. This activity led to a poor user experience, difficult to use rooms and low quality video teleconferencing systems.

Diversified was engaged to showcase and test a range of AV solutions, designed to meet King’s current and future AV needs. The key goals of the game developer were consistent AV facilities in each office, ease of use, a greater user experience, high quality audio and video conferencing, cost savings and most importantly, a scalable solution that will grow with King in the future.

As such, Diversified designed and implemented Cisco videoconferencing end points in all rooms, with a Cisco cloud and on-premise infrastructure to provide 48 simultaneous HD VC call capability. Each has a simple to use AMX 10” touch screen, controlling all the AV facilities, with cable inputs for HDMI, VGA and DP. The solutions provider also provided wireless collaboration and control of the Cisco VC with an easy to use bespoke user interface.

All the rooms had HD NEC LED screens and Extron source switching, along room occupancy sensors, linked to a room booking panel. Each floor has an interactive way finding panel showing room occupancy, availability and location and every King office has the same AV facilities ensuring that wherever the user is located they have a consistent user experience. Lastly, in each King office there is a large town hall space using either large HD projection, 98” 4K NEC screens or a 4K videowall.


Intercontinental Exchange

Intercontinental Exchange

Intuitive, Dependable Conference Room Technology Delivers Reliability

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a network for clearing houses, markets and technology , required dependable presentation systems throughout their general meeting spaces, designed with collaborative technologies in their vision of the
new space. Diversified was selected as the design build partner based on their understanding of the client’s needs, their ability to execute a large project over an extended period of time and their reputation for working well with a large and diverse set of project stakeholders.

With more than 75 conference rooms and a fully utilized IT support team, it was important that the rooms were easy to use for a presenter regardless of their technical skill. Each collaborative space required seamless integration of technology into the
architecture, while also needing a minimal in-room credenza to house AV technology. ICE also had special-use spaces requiring purpose-built systems for network and security ops centers, as well as building-wide digital signage and cable head end systems and streaming distribution network.

Diversified included ICE’s IT team in every step of the decision-making process in order to ensure a uniform conference room technology systems. Meeting spaces now possess a standardized, reliable user experience complete with a common control interface with a “drag and drop” user interface. ICE’s main entrance boasts a new 11’ x 1’ ultranarrow bezel video wall protected by a glass front on the face, creating a signature video element. Content is created and scheduled through a custom multi-output digital signage player. The main reception floor also contains an 11-room conference center for external meetings, requiring a higher finish quality.

Every space meets the seamless integration and intuitive criteria for a common control interface and the ability for all rooms to shut down automatically. Reliable technology platforms, coupled with a responsive client service agreement, have made the day-to-day operation a manageable routine. The presenters can now focus their meeting objectives, confident that the presentation systems will work.


Newell Brands

Newell Brands

Relocation, Huddle Spaces, and Wayfinding Signage Supported by the One Partner for the Job

When Newell Brands was looking to relocate and expand their regional headquarters— twice—they relied on Diversified as a trusted design partner to quickly and efficiently transition the technology.

With just three short months overlapping the transition between the metro-Atlanta locations, this provided an extremely tight timeline for the team, especially since most work was performed outside of normal business hours to avoid disrupting Newell’s daily operations. The short timeframe necessitated increased communications between the various trades working around the clock and resulted in frequently working in spaces normally not considered “ready” for AV work.

As implementation in Georgia entered its final month, Newell engaged Diversified again to design another HQ facility in Hoboken, NJ—to be delivered not 6 months later. Diversified’s strong New Jersey presence made the continued partnership of consultant and provider a natural one.

During this time, the team installed more than 60 rooms throughout the 4 floors, including a mix of huddle spaces equipped with Smart videoconferencing technologies, digital displays and wayfinding applications at all elevator lobbies, as well as a 6×9 Interactive Planar video wall used in their “Collaboration Lab” for Retailer training events. This occurred in both locations with numerous changes and additions, plus a complex and difficult design based around remote collaboration via Skype without limiting any other collaboration platforms.

After months of dedication and collaboration, Newell Brands was thrilled to take possession of the new facilities on the same day Michael Polk and his team with Newell Brands and Jarden’s Inc. rang the opening bell of the NYSE announcing one of the largest acquisitions of the year.


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