University of Guelph

Immersive Presentation Environment to Facilitate Collaboration Among Faculty and Students

The leaders at the University of Guelph wanted to include a lecture hall in their new building that would fit with the complex, yet highly-important topic of biodiversity. The theater needed engaging and AV solutions for the audience to create an immersive presentation environment and to help attract key speakers and attendees.

The Diversified team designed and created the Visualization Center, which functions as a multi-purpose presentation and collaborative space. The centerpiece of the room is the plasma video wall, an impactful display that grabs the attention of an audience immediately and keeps them focused and engaged.

With these new engaging AV solutions, the room can now accommodate presentations of all kinds and complexities, from basic lectures to multi-location video conferencing sessions, enhancing collaboration and innovation. The video conferencing system within the Institute can unite up to six sites at one time, making it easy to share lectures and data with other educators and students, no matter where they are located—across the hall, in another province or around the world. The AV technology installed at the Institute by the Diversified team supports and enhances business relationships and accelerates innovation through collaboration.

The room automation and control system allows easy control of the video wall, including volume, to ensure crisp, clear sound and seamless communication between users at all times. The solution also includes integration with SMART interactive whiteboards to get the most out of team collaboration sessions.