Diversified’s TJ DiQuollo part of SCN’s ‘Nine to Watch’

TJ DIQUOLLO_Headhot2Diversified’s own TJ DiQuollo was listed by Systems Contractor News as part of the “2016 Class of Nine.”

SCN defines TJ and these other industry leaders as “exemplars of talents we’ll need to move this industry forward. After consulting our top peers in the industry, we selected the folks you see below because they had the most vibrant new ideas in business and a passion for every aspect of life. The Nine are a new class of AV innovators who live to the fullest at work and in all aspects of our constantly changing times.”

SCN describes TJ’s role and why you should know him:

When you get tired of watching people flail around, attempting to describe what’s next for our industry, tap TJ DiQuollo on the shoulder and ask him what’s what. He speaks with amiable conviction about where we’re headed because he has actually worked on the types of projects we weren’t sure would ever happen. Would advertising agencies ever really understand “digital signage?” And more, would they ever actually see an AV designer as a creative force? Well, yes, that happened, and TJ resides right at the crossroads as director of creative services at Diversified. “Some people are creative, and that’s all they see, and some people are engineers, and that’s all they see,” he described, but what clients need today are “people who have the creative vision of what they want to display and also know how to connect the wires needed to get it there.”

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