Diversified Creates Collaborative Research Space at University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Work Includes Design and Installation of Large Data Wall

The University of Washington’s Health Sciences Library seeks to advance healthcare through research, education, and access to information resources. It supports its school community, but also the interests of professional health researchers. So when the University of Washington’s Health Sciences Library decided to add a new space on campus to enhance research data analysis and allow multidisciplinary collaboration, administrators wanted something more than just another conference room.

There were two main requirements for the collaboration space. The campus is large, with researchers located on both the north and south sides, so the space had to be centrally located. The Health Sciences Library was a good fit location-wise, and had another attractive feature: a larger budget than some of the other departments on campus, according to Emily Patridge, assistant director of clinical research and data services at the University of Washington.

After conferring with Diversified, the library settled on a 2×3 video wall comprised of 55-inch displays, which would help health sciences clinical researchers analyze and visualize data, and give researchers the ability to send six different sources from various devices to any or all of the displays.

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