Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Halo Video Display Board Control, A First for Sports Video

Home to the Atlanta Falcons, the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium is all about the fan experience and up-to-the-minute cutting edge technology. Architecturally stunning, it was designed to be the most technically advanced showplace in the country. Not to be outdone by the Pantheon-inspired retractable roof, the crown jewel of this project and the biggest content challenge, is the 360° HD halo video display board control.

The Diversified team was challenged with many “firsts” in technology integrations, particularly across the IP video infrastructure. With barely more than a year from conception to completion on a project that demanded newly developed technologies specific to the project, Diversified delivered in time for the season kick-off.

Diversified provided a high-definition (HD) video system to support video over IP with HD frame-rate cameras. The IP-based control room and the team’s video editing system delivers the HD video via a first-of-its-kind graphics platform. Most of the technology implemented was newly released, and was specially designed for this project. Interfacing different standards and technologies represented challenges. Incompatibility issues arose as multiple vendors were integrated, for the first time, on an IP video platform.

To successfully drive content onto the halo video display board’s 360° screen with no endpoints or corners, graphics and display processors required a brand-new platform. As this circular scoreboard is intended for in-game production, it needs to be able to produce reverse angle for opposing side of the field, particularly important for soccer matches. Diversified worked with Ross Video to develop the technology to meet these unique requirements.

Another signature feature is the field-to-ceiling mega-column video display. This massive display entertains crowds upon entering the venue and is capable of broadcasting two shows simultaneously. Housed in the main control room, the display processors drive pre-game, live and post-game content.

Whether hosting football, soccer or a live concert, the venue succeeded in providing fans with a truly revolutionary, interactive and engaging experience. The next phase will involve asset management/online digital storage to support the editing platform.

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