Display and Collaboration Systems for Blossoming Technology Hub Neighborhood

Samsung wanted to create a new and highly-visible entertainment industry-relations office in the blossoming technology hub neighborhood of Playa Vista, California (AKA “Silicon Valley South”). Diversified was charged with designing and building the display and collaboration systems for Samsung, one of the world’s foremost technology companies.

Diversified clients are often large enterprise companies with extremely busy stakeholders. Samsung is no different. Getting cross functional alignment can be a significant challenge as it was with this project. We worked closely with Samsung executives to define their needs and a strategy for bringing their vision to life.

Diversified helped Samsung gather the right stakeholders and executives across their large organization to host AV design sessions. The aim was to identify and develop the needs for their Briefing Center Boardroom, video conference-enabled War Room, and Social Media Command Center. A multi-faceted team from the West Coast, Texas and NY were all involved to provide input into the project. Diversified distilled all of this feedback and information into the final design & implementation.

Samsung, with the help of Diversified, created a pristine environment to host entertainment and tech industry executives as well as house the creative staff for their marketing & social media teams. Samsung is a leader in innovative technology and working directly for them was an insightful experience for Diversified. Their team is experienced in imagining the next technologies that will influence our lives. Diversified was there to engineer their vision and bring it to life.