Weststar Multimedia Entertainment

New Broadcast Facility Build-Out for HD Distribution of the Kim Komando Show

When WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment acquired a new 24,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona, they selected Diversified as the technical design consultant for their television media production facility. The national radio broadcast program producer and syndicator announced its acquisition and build-out of a new live facility to house its corporate offices, entertainment and film operations, broadcast and digital sales, all online operations and a 24-hour network broadcast operations center. Designed for maximum flexibility and growth, the plant boasts digital radio broadcast studios, voice over studios, production rooms, digital video production edit rooms, radio and television master control rooms, and a television sound stage.

To produce the desired high-end polished content equal to that of a small network, WestStar wanted a fully-flexible broadcast facility designed to support the recording, monitoring, switching and distribution of any content performed in-studio and other on-air areas. WestStar’s benchmark program, “The Kim Komando Show,” has been the subject of live HD video production experimentation and demands stellar network and broadcast syndication, as well as full digital HD video production.

The new system for WestStar is designed to support the switching, monitoring and distribution of any show or interview performed in the studio with ten cameras and supporting infrastructure, as well as provisions for Internet streaming. The system also boasts an expandable high-definition house routing system.

Vendors such as Plura Broadcast, Sony, Harmonic, Grass Valley and Chyron, among others, were used to create the production control room and machine room (technical core), as well as studio and lobby pictures and signage. The media production facility is now able to produce high-end polished content, producing live interviews, VIP accessibility and an enhanced web enterprise.