Candy Crush

DEFINED AUDIO VISUAL STANDARDS FOR RAPIDLY GROWING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has seen major recent growth thanks to it’s flagship game, Candy Crush, among many others that have been developed since its launch. As happens in many organizations that grow very quickly, King realized that each of its offices were designing and installing their own AV rooms and there was lack of consistency in the user experience between sites. This activity led to a poor user experience, difficult to use rooms and low quality video teleconferencing systems.

Diversified was engaged to showcase and test a range of AV solutions, designed to meet King’s current and future AV needs. The key goals of the game developer were consistent AV facilities in each office, ease of use, a greater user experience, high quality audio and video conferencing, cost savings and most importantly, a scalable solution that will grow with King in the future.

As such, Diversified designed and implemented Cisco videoconferencing end points in all rooms, with a Cisco cloud and on-premise infrastructure to provide 48 simultaneous HD VC call capability. Each has a simple to use AMX 10” touch screen, controlling all the AV facilities, with cable inputs for HDMI, VGA and DP. The solutions provider also provided wireless collaboration and control of the Cisco VC with an easy to use bespoke user interface.

All the rooms had HD NEC LED screens and Extron source switching, along room occupancy sensors, linked to a room booking panel. Each floor has an interactive way finding panel showing room occupancy, availability and location and every King office has the same AV facilities ensuring that wherever the user is located they have a consistent user experience. Lastly, in each King office there is a large town hall space using either large HD projection, 98” 4K NEC screens or a 4K videowall.