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Carpathia, a QTS Company | Data Centers

Electronic Security Solution Provides Mission-Critical Protection of Confidential Data

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Videowall Brings Big Data Visualization to Life for Call Center

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Security Management System Integration Gives Data Center Peace of Mind

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Developing a functional foundation

Data is undoubtedly king. Securing it and being able to access it are partners in a delicate dance for data centers, which are vulnerable to attacks and can’t afford to experience downtime. Regardless of the type of data being stored — from gaming and healthcare to downloads and beyond — our team works with data centers to create a reliable and responsive functional balance that allows for security and accessibility. 
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  • AV & Experiential Design

    Deliver your messaging with undeniable impact, bringing it to life with experiential technology and leading–edge audio-visual solutions. We partner with clients to reimagine and develop digital technology solutions that are memorable, scalable and designed to meet the needs you have today and the ones that will emerge tomorrow. Since every need is unique, we configure custom solutions while offering long-term support with managed services that keep your technology operating at its greatest potential.

  • Broadcast Control Rooms

    Content needs have reached new heights. Our state-of-the-art broadcast control rooms provide space for exceptional production so you can engage fans seated at centercourt, in the outfield or behind the endzone. When coupled with a center hung scoreboard, stadium audio, digital signage and other emerging solutions, arenas are able to leverage their control room technology to create an unmatched experience.

  • Digital Signage | IPTV

    Technology allows for multiple touchpoints between stadiums and fans, from IPTV multicasting to individual, on-demand broadcasting delivered to a mobile device. Our solutions extend the platforms and purposes of frictionless communication from broadcast capabilities to digital signage, alert messaging and wayfinding applications. With more than 60,000 installed endpoints for clients across the country, we’re experts at integrating high-powered, high-quality digital media solutions that deliver and align with security specs, digital rights management and network readiness.

  • Emerging Technology

    The use of emerging technology allows organizations to grow and transform while bringing a vision to life. By understanding the capabilities and potential of a space, a system or a team, we rely on advanced practices and integrate innovative features that create untold benefits at enterprise scale. Finding a competitive edge requires moving to the edge of what is available, and that’s where our teams are quite comfortable. 

  • Large Screen LED Displays

    The fan experience relies heavily on the scale and quality of a stadium’s digital display system. From size to resolution to budget to an RFP process that can involve multiple manufacturers and products, we work with you to make the process easier. And most importantly, we make sure large screen LED displays align technically with the space they’ll call home.

  • Large Venue Sound

    Audio for live experiences just can’t be compromised. We help you realize the full potential of your space and develop a sound system that amps up the fan experience. So when the proverbial beat drops and game-winning calls are made, those memorable moments are electrified. Our process includes a needs assessment and program design, electro-acoustic modeling, detailed engineering, construction management, DSP and control system programming, and commissioning services — all of which add to an incomparable stadium experience.

  • Media Workflow
    Production requires an organized, reliable and secure workflow. From media asset management to workflow orchestration and beyond, we work with you to streamline media workflow processes that create a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our services in sports, broadcast, post-production and more extend all the way from transcoding, storing and integrating content to cloud and automation for multi-use distribution.
  • Remote Production

    Live production needs evolve. And an always-on media cycle likely calls for customized solutions. We keep you in the game with IP-enabled mobile production solutions that include cloud-based production across multiple channels and platforms. 


accessible networks

Data centers are faced with more options, and threats, today than ever before. Our experts help clients deploy networks that support on-premise, hybrid or cloud computing tactics, while also offering hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that reduce system complexity while increasing its scalability. And when it comes to storage, we offer cost-efficient solutions that maximize quality across every tier. 

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Security and storage oversight

An impervious data landscape is the ultimate goal. But, when snags in an IT architecture are identified and exploited, a swift and even proactive response and recovery are essential. At Diversified, we care about the data you’re responsible for as much as you do. It’s why our support is always on and our maintenance never skips a beat.

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    Leading-edge technology needs qualified support. As technology ecosystems expand and evolve, resources to manage them don’t always keep pace. From audio to video, digital signage, media, storage and beyond, the Diversified Adopt service offers dedicated technical experts to supplement your in-house team. With Adopt, expect immediate support and maintenance that improves user experience, drives technology adoption and generates business metrics. Adopt saves time and money on recruitment, cuts operational costs, and empowers employees to embrace new technologies. It’s our unique approach to technical support and maintenance. 
    Technology is critical to the success of an organization, and monitoring it takes diligence. With Pulse, organizations benefit from proactive monitoring and resolution which leads to predictable business outcomes, supports security, improves stability and ensures longevity over an entire IoT landscape. Minutes can make the difference between success and a compromised operational network. With the support of Pulse, organizations receive proactive alerts, remote diagnosis and resolution in real time, and advanced analytics that flag abnormalities. Pulse is the efficient, intelligent and customized support your network deserves. 
    Teams are increasingly dispersed. Remote work environments require technology that inevitably requires support. As you face an increased demand for technical support, Assurance prioritizes tech-related challenges. From ticket tracking to preventative maintenance to programming support, Assurance offers a seamless experience from one centralized point of connection. We’re here, when you need us, to make sure your audio visual, unified collaboration, media, digital signage, meeting rooms and security systems are performing their best. 
    Technology evolves at a rapid clip and the cost to keep pace with it can be dizzying. With Lifecycle Management and Financing, we help you maintain a competitive edge without having to choose between investing in capital expenditures and revenue-generating projects. Our payment and financing programs allow you to update technology when it’s needed without impacting the financial health of other vital projects. We make it easy to procure and implement the latest technology systems to fuel productivity and innovation by simplifying costs into bundled payments. Stay competitive by optimizing your technology and the costs associated with it. 


Data centers

We understand that information is a valuable commodity and not everyone has clearance to access it. Our technology solutions fortify your network while allowing for authorized accessibility.


Across electrical, gas and water, we provide the technology you need to future-proof your control rooms, dispatch and distribution centers.

Federal Government

Our technology solutions are designed to facilitate immediate federal responses, from command and control centers to cyber operations, emergency operations and joint operations centers.


Secure information and personnel with technology that supports both of those missions across network and security operations.



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