SCANA Energy

Utility Operations Center Upgrades Mission-Critical Functions

SCANA needed a partner for design validation and build services for utility operations center upgrades to monitor power transmission and gas pipeline functions, as well as an electric simulator for training purposes.

Diversified served as the client's design validation consultant, and proved through an exhaustive process that character heights for the operators managing the display walls would be of sufficient height for readability from the operator workstation positions. Integrated into the electric transmission control room was a custom-built, 8 x 3, 80’ display wall structure with appropriate screen technology to accommodate aggressive off-axis viewing angles.

Flanking the main transmission grid wall are two 4 x 3, 50” Mitsubishi cube walls. The top row of each 50” wall required Fresnel offset, in order to maintain perceived brightness for off-axis viewing. The gas pipeline center included 4 x 3, 50” Mitsubishi wall and the simulator included three edge-blended 3-chip, ceiling-mounted Christie projectors and operator-recording technology for instructional playback.

All display walls are driven by redundant display wall processors operating in either the Windows or Linux environments. In all spaces, Diversified provided supporting audio for audible alarms and video playback. Diversified provided support to the architect on acoustics, mechanical, electrical (including lighting), furnishings and storage.

SCANA is pleased with their utility operations center upgrades utilizing Diversified’s technology and ergonomic solutions for their mission critical environment and are actively using it 24/7/365.

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