New Technology in the Live Production IP Landscape

Over the past few decades, information technology capabilities have expanded to revolutionize and deliver efficiency in every industry. However, the video content creation industry has been relatively slow to embrace and adopt IT transformation. This is because the massive amount of data in video content tends to prevent smooth transfer via Ethernet connections. But now the latest technological developments have answered this challenge, enabling the adoption of IP-based video and audio streams for use even in live production environments which demand real-time operation without delay.

Watch “New Technology in the Live Production IP Landscape” and learn how IP solutions are making live production more agile, flexible and cost effective. With subject matter expertise from Diversified and Sony!

During this in-depth webinar on Sony’s IP-enabled solutions, you will learn:

  • How IP technology is enabling virtualized production environments
  • An overview of cutting-edge tools designed for SDI and IP environments
  • A walkthrough of next-generation workflows being driven by IP

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