TV Technology: How Media Organizations Benefit from Cloud-flexibility Across Mixed Locations

Karl Paulsen explores whether to use the cloud or build a datacenter?

Diversified CTO, Karl Paulsen, discusses how media organizations are starting to head in the direction of cloud-flexibility and mixed locations such as on-prem, hybrid and private or public clouds.

Co-lo models applied to broadcast operations, known in its early days as “centralcasting”, have since adapted to the “hub-and-spoke” concept for consolidation of television station playout and content ingest. The model is essentially a cloud-like central facility, which sometimes shares its resources in a virtual environment and sometimes houses discrete components assigned to specific distant station markets but managed from a single location.

While virtualized environments, whether on-prem or in the cloud, make a lot of sense as facilities consolidate locations and share their resources, Paulsen emphasizes that deploying in a virtualized world requires additional skill sets including: applications in SMPTE ST 2110 as networked IP, virtual machines (VM), and security.

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