TV Technology: Managing Media Production Workflows at Home

The ways in which social distancing may alter how broadcast facilities operate for years to come.

Stay at home orders and social distancing have impacted how almost every industry operates, including the world of broadcast and media and entertainment. To meet various mandates, broadcasters have had to make rapid alterations to how they produce and deliver content, impacting news and live production workflows. In his latest TV Technology article, Diversified CTO and industry author, Karl Paulsen, addresses these changes and possible implications for the industry moving forward.

While working remote isn’t new, these newly adopted workflows are producing similar outcomes without the physical footprint and costs of traditional larger-scale operations.

Though progressing toward “dematerialization,” taking the physical association of hardware/software and repositioning it to support connectivity to or from anywhere, has been the direction of things for some time now, no one expected it to occur in this urgent timeline or within such a risky isolated environment. Media production workflows have taken segments of local facility-based operations and immediately associated them into the cloud and cloud-like productivity.

With social distancing expected to continue for many months and establish new norms, these new workflows are changing the broadcast production domain and possibly uncovering a new path for studio facilities design and operation.

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