Training Users for Better Technology Adoption

Diversified expert in experiential learning helps uncover key roadblocks in effective technology training and adoption.

The only thing worse than a system that doesn’t work is one that isn’t used. Technology helps us accomplish so much and achieve greater productivity and collaboration; however, it’s only effective when associates understand how to use it. For this reason, proper end-user technology training is critical to tech.

Stephanie Stilson, PhD, is a cognitive developmental psychologist with a focus in experiential learning and is the EMBRACE® strategist at Diversified. She explains that one of the most important elements of successful technology training is a thorough understanding of the user and how they work.

“Maybe you’re in an executive team and you don’t even want to touch the system. I have to know that about you. Or, maybe you’re someone that’s very hands-on who brings teams together frequently for decision making,” says Stilson. “I have to listen to your questions; I have to anticipate some of your situations.” Ultimately, her goal is end-user empowerment and equipping them to become their own facilitators where possible.

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