The Evolution of Cloud IP

How the differences between IP in the studio or on premise and IP in the cloud are slowly coming together.

Traditional production ecosystems are large—they’re difficult to scale. Moving that environment to the cloud is tough, as many parts of the production process still can’t make the transition. While the pandemic caused a rapid move forward in bringing more parts of this process to the cloud, the largest focus prior was the transition to IP.

Networks rely on IP whether they are on premise or in the cloud. However, there’s a difference between IP in the studio and IP in the cloud. There’s a difference in structure, layers and applications. Currently, IP applications in a live studio are not capable of working the same as IP in a cloud-only application. But that’s okay, it’s all about “functional awareness,” says Diversified CTO Karl Paulsen in a recent TV Tech article.

That functional awareness is also rapidly changing. The production value isn’t the same, and it’s expected to continue to change overtime. Paulsen expects that, given demand by the enterprise user, such capabilities will be forthcoming, cost-effective and viable for many. He further explains how cloud and on-prem production differ today and how those gaps are being minimized for the future.

Read the full article to learn more about the evolution and development of new IP cloud technologies and why content production technical professionals need to immediately start exploring what it will take to stay in the loop here.