SVG@NAB Perspectives: Diversified’s Kevin Collins

Sports Video Group (SVG) sat down with Diversified’s own Kevin Collins at NAB to talk about the company’s new brand, recent acquisitions, and perspective heading into the rest of 2016 and beyond. Here is an excerpt of their conversation.

IMG_2189Diversified hit the NAB Show floor this week with an entirely new look and feel; no longer known as Diversified Systems, the company now goes by the streamlined Diversified. (Yes, the punctuation is part of the brand.) With the rebrand, the company has joined its Diversified Media Group and Skyweb Digital Media business with Diversified Systems under one umbrella to better address the needs of its clients. Add in the recent acquisitions of Technical Innovation and The Systems Group, and Diversified has positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global sports-venue market.

SVG sat down with Diversified EVP and COO Kevin Collins to chat about the acquisitions, the rebrand, and what it all means to the company’s commitment to sports-venue systems integration.

Diversified made headlines with the acquisitions of Technical Innovation (TI) and, more recently, The Systems Group (TSG). How has that affected your business?
It’s a really exciting time. I think Diversified, as a company, had reached a point where we [wondered] where we go from here? With the [acquisitions of] TI and TSG, we were really looking to accelerate our growth plan but, really, the key thing about those two acquisitions was the similarity in culture and engineering-driven sales approach. We’re very much focused on engineering and project management — that’s really the value that we bring — and we saw a lot of opportunity. We needed a lot of resources to keep up with the organic growth model that served us very well and had gotten us to $200 million in revenue, but we needed more depth in our management team and we needed more talent. With Technical Innovation, if you look at their geographic footprint, it was everywhere in the country where we wanted to grow the audio/visual or presentation side of our business, which is a big part of our business.

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