Sports Video Group: NBC Sports Boston Preps for the Future with State-of-the-Art NBCU Boston Media Center

NBCUniversal’s new Boston Media Center prepares for the industry’s future with forward-thinking IP-based broadcast studio technology.

NBC Sports Boston is bringing fans at home closer to the game than ever before thanks to the capabilities of their new IP-based broadcast studio in the recently opened Boston Media Center. The $125 million, 160,000-square foot headquarters unites four businesses within the market under one roof for maximum collaboration.

“This new facility and the technology behind it allow us to take the viewer deeper into the intricacies of the game in a way that we simply weren’t able to do in the old space.” says Chris Wayland, GM, NBC Sports Boston, and Station Manager/SVP, NBC10 Boston, Telemundo Boston, and NECN.

As the industry’s leading provider of IP-based broadcast technology solutions, Diversified was engaged early in the project to serve as consultant and integrator on this massive endeavor.

“We’re pushing the margins of what’s possible today with the SMPTE 2110 standard,” says Keith Barbaria, VP, technology, NBC Sports Boston, NBC10 Boston, Telemundo Boston, and NECN. “But the real reason [we went IP] is less about now and more for the future. We’ve built this building to [be able to] scale and adapt with the industry without major additional investments.”

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