Commercial Integrator: Take Me Back to the Ballgame

Sports Venues Turn to AV Solutions to Help Lure Fans

Commercial Integrator interviews Stuart Reynolds and Justo Gutierrez from Diversified’s Sports and Live Event team about how sports venues are using technology to lure fans back. In-house production departments are at the forefront with the increased production of replays, creation of player profiles and other broadcast “packages” similar to what the broadcast networks have been creating for years.

“There used to be four cameras for in-house media content development in the past; now, we are putting in a dozen or more, paired with more server acquisition and replay power,” said Stuart Reynolds.

Another area where live sports are beginning to emulate the broadcast experience is in the sound effects. The ever-larger array of microphones which picks up sounds from bat cracks and the catcher’s mitt to the grunt of a pitchers release are slowly being eased into the live-sound PA mix in the venue.

Key sounds of the game, such as sneaker squeaks and backboard bangs, are being brought to upper seating areas through the PA systems. “It’s the way to bring the court-side experience to every fan in the venue,” says Justo Gutierrez.

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