SMPTE Panel: Building Television Systems in a Time of Multiple Technology Transitions

Diversified joins industry experts to discuss emerging technology and considering organizational needs when looking to make major transitions.

Major technology transitions can be hard to keep up with, and when you have a project requiring you decide which one to go with, it can seem unmanageable. This panel put together in January by SMPTE New York, featuring industry experts including Diversified’s CTO Karl Paulsen, gives insight on how to make it all work for your organization’s unique needs.

The hottest topic these days in the digital transformation of the broadcast industry is of course the switch to IP infrastructure using SMPTE ST 2110 standards. However, Paulsen and his fellow panelists explain that new technology shouldn’t be ‘for the sake of it’ and added that while individual products with a new technology may be stable, that’s not certain to be the case when interoperating within a whole system.

Turning to 5G, Paulsen answered the question “what are the transformational technologies?” For some applications, 5G is a major leap compared to microwave packs, but early on in a technology’s life, like we are with 5G, it’s a matter of working out where it does and where it doesn’t work well.

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*Please note: this panel took place before the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements and regulations.