Diversified Partner, Quantum, Acquires Object Storage Products Line: ActiveScale

The acquisition will allow for management and creation of unique media workflow under a single application.

In today’s media environment, infrastructure engineers have a growing pressure to migrate data and media workflow to the cloud and transition to an OpEx vs. CapEx model. Object storage provides a cost-effective solution to enabling a hybrid cloud approach, building a forward leaning strategy to tiered storage design.

Liz Davis, director of Diversified’s Media Workflow Group—a company specialty with strong focus in cloud, automation and processes that help media organizations achieve ultra-high performance—was recently interviewed to discuss Quantum’s acquisition of ActiveScale from Western Digital, an investment that demonstrates Quantum’s real commitment to making object storage a more integral element in media workflows.

The acquisition will allow for integration of ActiveScale’s object storage offerings into Quantum’s product line and is a result of Diversified, among other Quantum partners, asking for object storage to accommodate infrastructure engineers’ need to migrate data and workflows to the cloud.

This acquisition also gives Quantum the means to expand its products and services and to extend operations in storing and managing video and unstructured data. Typically, object storage is used to store video and other unstructured data and requires high-speed capture. When this data is stored for years or even decades by users, it can cause clients to have increasing IT challenges. Quantum’s portfolio now includes high performance file storage that can move files and objects across tiers of storage, optimizing infrastructure for unstructured data.

Diversified clients will particularly benefit from this acquisition, as object storage allows a hybrid cloud approach to be enabled in a cost-effective manner. The company is now able to, “build collaboration tools in the cloud for clients that have multi-site and global resource allocation needs by building cloud enabled on-premises infrastructure,” according to Davis.

“The benefit of using ActiveScale versus other products on the market is that it can be controlled under Quantum’s robust and unique StorNext file system,” Davis adds. “As an integrator, this is a huge advantage as it allows us to manage and create unique workflows under a single application. In addition, this allows for easier ongoing maintenance of the system.”

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