Portable Church Achieves Consistent Sonic Quality of Permanent Locations

Diversified installs L-Acoustics’ Syva system to achieve sound quality of a permanent house of worship location with the ease of portability.

Since its founding in 1984, Christ Fellowship has grown from a small Bible study group of 40 people in a living room to one of the largest churches in the U.S. with more than 28,000 members across 12 locations throughout the South Florida region—plus an online campus. When adding a new temporary, portable church to better serve the growing congregation, Christ Fellowship wanted a powerful PA system that would deliver all its needs.

“The [L-Acoustics’] Syva system is the perfect solution for a portable church location like this because it meets the power concerns of the location and it can be deployed quickly and easily, and stored efficiently, all of which are important for a temporary location like this,” says Connor Newcomb, Christ Fellowship audio director. “And, as importantly, it offers the same sonic quality as the L-Acoustics systems that we use in our other locations, so we have a consistent sonic ‘fingerprint’ everywhere that helps the music appeal to the entire range of our attendance.”

The Syva system comprises two Syva main colinear source enclosures, two Syva Low bass reflex modules, and four KS21 subwoofers, split between the left and right sides of the stage and mounted on KS21-Chariot carts.

“The KS21 subs were added because the church wanted a higher low-end output for their worship music,” says Nick Geiger, account executive, houses of worship for Diversified. “It also reflects the fact that they wanted consistency in the sound between all of their locations, most of which also have L-Acoustics speakers. It can be set up and taken down quickly and easily, and without the need for specialized infrastructure, because it can run on wall power. Those were very important criteria for the church.”

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